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Activities by Grade

Welcome to Girl Scouts at Home! Explore available activities by grade level.

We will be regularly updating this page with new curriculum and resources for virtual engagement, fun, and learning. If there's something you would like us to develop or add to this page, please contact our team.

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Daisy Petals (Badges)

Girls in Kindergarten and first grade are called Daisies in Girl Scouts. These are activities you can do with your Daisy at home.


Honest & Fair

In this lesson, Daisies will work on their Honest and Fair (blue) petal. Get Started.



Friendly & Helpful

In this lesson, Daisies will work on their Friendly and Helpful (yellow) petal. Get Started.



Considerate & Caring

In this lesson, Daisies will work on their Considerate and Caring (spring green) petal. Get Started.



Courageous & Strong

In this lesson, Daisies will work on their Courageous and Strong (red) petal. Get Started.



Respect Myself & Others

In this lesson, Daisies will work on their Respect Myself & Others (purple) petal.  Get Started.



Use Resources Wisely

In this lesson, Daisies will work on their Use Resources Wisely (green) petal.  Get Started.


Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

In this lesson, Daisies will work on their Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout (violet) petal. Get Started.


Incoming Daisy Activity Booklet

Is your Daisy getting ready to be a Girl Scout this year? Check out this new activity booklet with printable stickers! Learn More.

More Activities for Daisies!
Girls in second and third grade are called Brownies in Girl Scouts.
These are activities you can do with your Brownie at home.
Girls in fourth and fifth grade are called Juniors in Girl Scouts.
These are activities you can do with your Junior at home.
  • JUNIOR Badges to Work on at Home
  • Digital Photography Badge
    • Complete your digital photography badge. Learn all about the history of photography, gear, types of photographers and much more in a 30+ page PDF Booklet. Then have some fun exploring and learning a few lighting and composition techniques; includes video instruction and photo challenges.
    • Refer to to learn more.
  • Let's Shrink Food Waste Mountain
    • The Commission for Environmental Cooperation has launched their new "Let's Shrink Food Waste Mountain" awareness campaign. Did you know North Americans waste close to 168 million tonnes of food per year? Visit the Food Matters Action Kit portal to access tips, videos, and activities on how to reduce food waste at home and in your community. These would be great activities for your troop meeting! Learn more.
  • Fun With Fingerprinting
    • Discover your fingerprints and how to find them on surfaces in your home. Learn more.
  • Binary Code at Home
    • Learn the basics of binary code, its history, and how it is used in computers today. Learn more.
  • Moon Craters
    • Discover the surface of the moon with this activity. Learn more.
  • Preservation in Ice
    • Create your own ice fossils with this experiment. Learn more.
Girls in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades are called Cadettes in Girl Scouts. These are activities you can do with your Cadette at home.
High School Girl Scouts include Seniors (grades 9-10) and Ambassadors (grades 11-12).

These are activities your Senior/Ambassador can do at home.

Ambassador Photographer Badge

Photos show others how yous ee the world! When Girl Scouts earn the Photographer Badge, they learn about the technology behind the cameras and hone their skills, presenting the world in their own unique way. By completing the self0guided modules within this course, you will have completed all steps to earn your photographer badge. Learn more.

Leadership Opportunity for Girl Scout Ambassadors

Become trained by Extreme STEAM Science to teach virtual robotics to younger Girl Scouts. Develop and build your leadership skills, application skills, and interview skills while you are able to give back. Add this experience to your college or job applications with a reference from ESSK. Learn more.

21st Century Technologies Program

Ericsson is empowering an intelligent, sustainable, and connected world, one in which a first-rate education is accessible for all. On their site, you will gain access to this training, recommended for Girls Scouts between the ages of 16 – 18, that we hope can further inspire those girls in STEM-based careers (science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics). 

  • Topics:
    • 5G Networks 
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Automation
    • Data Science
    • IoT and Telecommunications
  • How to Participate: Click here to go to the Connect to Learn website, then click on "Connect to Learn Educate" to access the content.

Financial Literacy

  • Check out this multi-part program for Seniors and Ambassadors. Learn to create a budget, manage savings, and more "adulting"!

Bliss: Live it! Give it!

  • In this Journey, you'll have the opportunity to dig into dreams and explore what it takes to transform dreams into reality. Learn more.


All Ages

These activities can be enjoyed by Girl Scouts of all ages!

Tea! The World in Your Cup

Start your Global Girl Scout adventure with our new patch program:  Tea! The World in your Cup.

Tea is enjoyed as a daily part of life in many countries around the world. It has a rich and intriguing history that is full of surprises and is fun to learn about. Tea has had a place in history and world culture for over 5,000 years.  Today, it is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world, after water.  Tea is a complex beverage that reflects world history, culture, taste, and plant science. With this fun, tasty, and varied patch program, take a Global Girl Scout tour of tea from the perspective of a simple leaf that changed the course of history and, thousands of years later, remains a much-loved beverage today.

Ways to participate:

  • To receive the patch program ebooklet, patches, and shipping, register on our Girl Scouts of Western Washington website in our events list beginning October 1, 2020.
  • You can take an optional introductory workshop with our program partner, the Experience Tea Studio, which includes a workshop with Tea Expert Roberta Fuhr, the center patch, a tea kit, and shipping. 
  • You can order a tea kit from the Experience Tea Studio to complete the patch requirements or use your own teas.


Blood: The Gift of Life

In a partnership with Bloodworks Northwest, Girl Scouts of Western Washington presents this new patch program all about blood and blood donations—The Gift of Life.


The Fifth Star - Washington State and Women’s Suffrage

Developed in partnership with the Washington State History Museum, this program focuses on the women’s suffrage movement in Washington State and the rest of the USA.

As you explore this patch program, you will discover the history of the women’s suffrage movement and how Washington contributed to the process that led to the 19th Amendment. You will connect what you learn about women suffragists to current issues around voting, and to the role you play as a future voter. 


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