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One adventure at a time, Girl Scouts learn, grow, and do amazing things. Unleash your inner leader.

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Be a mentor, a guiding star, a friend. Show them all that they’re capable of, and unleash your inner leader in the process.

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Girl Scout Systems Downtime Nov 18 - Dec 7

02 Nov 2020

Later this fall Girl Scouts will release a refreshed member account management system. Reference this article for details on the changes to come.

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DuPont Program Center: Sale Update

22 Oct 2020

As many of you – our members, donors and alumnae – may recall, our DuPont Program Center has been on the market since August of 2017.

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Camp Update

11 Aug 2020

As we continue to navigate COVID-19 impacts to our council, we have had to make some really difficult decisions regarding the use of our camps. In case you don't receive our Girl Scouts at Home newsletter, or missed it in your inbox, we shared an important message about our camps in yesterday's email. We're sharing the information below for easy reference. Please email Customer Care if you have any questions.