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 Getting Started Online Modules

Getting Started is the first volunteer learning experience for troop leaders, assistant leaders and advisors who have completed their application process.

Haven't started the application process to become a volunteer? Take the first step!

Please complete each of the modules in the suggested order below. Click on the green titles to open each module.

At the end of the modules, you will be directed to a brief survey. Complete the survey for each module to get credit for completing it, and to receive a confirmation email with all the relevant links.

Learn how to navigate the online modules, find resources, and get credit for completion.
Time: about 5 minutes

Girl Scout Program
Explore the various parts of the Girl Scout Program.

Time: about 20 minutes

Family Involvement
Learn about ways to engage the families of your girls (and lighten your load!) with the 4 Your Girl Family Involvement Kit. Includes an agenda and resources for a First Troop Family meeting.
Time: about 20 minutes

Meeting Sites
Get insight into where to hold your meetings, and what insurance may be necessary. Learn what you need to keep your meeting site safe, and what to do in case of an incident.
Time: about 10 minutes

Planning Meetings
Explore who your girls are, the parts of the meeting, calendaring, and reflection. Traditional Girl Scout ceremonies and holidays are covered. Choose your favorite activities to create a printable meeting agenda.
Time: about 30 minutes

Complete this online module to learn about setting up a Girl Scout bank account and other tips and tricks to making money management  and year end reporting easier.
Time: about 15 minutes

Volunteer Essentials and Safety Activity Checkpoints
Explore these two documents that contain the answers to many volunteer questions, and activity-specific safety guidelines.
Time: about 15 minutes