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 Cookie Resources for Volunteers

Welcome to the Cookie Resources for Troop and Service Unit Volunteers! We want to see you succeed—and have fun while doing it! Questions? Email cookies@girlscoutsww.org.

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 Cookie Resources for Service Unit Volunteers


Booth Sale Permission Letters for Albertsons is coming soon! 

Deposit Slip Request 
For IRMs and Troops without established troop bank accounts:
All of your Cookie Sale proceeds must be deposited into the Girl Scouts of Western Washington’s Key Bank account (including, both troop proceeds and those due to Girl Scouts of Western Washington).

Troops will receive a refund of their troop proceeds after the Cookie Sale is complete and the troop’s bank account is established. IRMs will receive a Cookie Dough Reward card. (Note: Only proceeds from the Cookie Program should be deposited into the GSWW Key Bank account. Any other troop funds, such as troop dues, should be held and deposited into the troop’s bank account.)

The deposit slips can be expected in the mail 5 to 7 business days from when this form is submitted. An email confirmation will be sent when deposit slips are mailed. The deposit slips received will be encoded with the troop number or IRM’s Cookie Program ‘troop’ number.

If you do not have a Key Bank in your area, please do not fill out the form below. Instead, send an email to Cookies@girlscoutsww.org with the subject line “Deposit Slips” and the same information requested in the form. You will receive a follow up within 24 hours regarding which bank to deposit the Cookie Sale proceeds. If you have any questions, please contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager or email Cookies@girlscoutsww.org.

Fill out the Deposit Slip Request form here.