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 Get Involved

There is only one qualification for being a Girl Scout: you have to be a girl. That's it!

The same doesn't apply for Girl Scout volunteers, however. We have troops led entirely by dads. We have sisters and aunts who help out with everything from day camps to international travel experiences. Our volunteers' time is very much appreciated, so we leave the commitment up to you!

The same goes for girl participation. If you're super busy during the school year, and don't want to invest all your time in a troop, you can join a group of girls who make LEGO robots! Or maybe you want to learn how to dance, act or grow a garden. We've got short and longer-term opportunities to suit every girl's needs!

The ways in which you can be involved with Girl Scouts of Western Washington are as varied as the opportunities we offer! So go ahead. Take the first step toward achieving your goals.

Get involved in Girl Scouts, and change your life, and the lives of others!