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Volunteer as a Delegate Representative

At Girl Scouts of Western Washington, we want our members’ voices to be heard! Want to share your voice at the next level? Check out these great opportunities for Girl Scout volunteers and teens.


Girl Scouts of Western Washington Delegates

Girl Scouts of Western Washington Delegates elect our Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting. 

Delegate elections are held each year as part of a service unit meeting.  A Lead Delegate may be elected at this time as well if there is not one currently in place.  Nominations for Lead Delegate and Delegate are made from the members in attendance at the meeting or who have voiced interest prior.  Additionally, each service unit may elect a youth member who is at least 14 years old and is a registered member of Girl Scouts. Substitute delegates may also be selected so that, should an elected delegate be unable to attend, there will be representation at the Annual Meeting.

Members who attend the service unit leader meeting where elections are held will be asked to sign in and participate in the election. The only requirement to participate in the election is to be a registered Girl Scout member at the time of the election.


National Girl Scout Delegates

Every three years Girl Scouts of the USA holds a national convention, the National Council Session (NCS), in which Girl Scouts of Western Washington participates by sending a number of delegates from western Washington.  In 2020 the NCS will be held in Orlando, Florida, convening from October 21 to 23.  The NCS is followed by G.I.R.L. 2020, the public-facing convention, held from October 23 to October 25, 2020.

Girl Scouts of Western Washington is committed to sending representatives from our council to serve a National Council Delegates.  GSWW firmly believes that youth members, ages 14 to 18, should have a voice in this process and therefore half of our elected delegates will be youth members.  GSWW is committed to ensuring that the diversity of our council is represented; geographic diversity, racial and ethnic diversity, religious diversity, and gender diversity.

Current GSWW members who will be at least 14 years of age by 10/21/2020, are encouraged to apply.  Those who are chosen must agree to travel during the October 21 to October 25, 2020 dates (with the possibility of needing to travel the day before or after depending on airline schedules). They must agree to participate in all training, planning, and preparation sessions leading up to the National Council Session, and that upon returning from the meeting, they will report on the NCS to their communities and as requested to other Girl Scout communities and events.  The application forms must be completed and returned to GSWW by October 25, 2019.

Girl Scouts of Western Washington will be responsible for all delegate costs associated with travel for this meeting: air transportation, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and meeting and event fees, along with a reasonable per diem for associated costs including meals.

More information on the NCS and G.I.R.L. 2020 can be found here.

Questions about the election process should be directed to Shannon Pitton at or 206-826-2165.

The National Council Delegate process should not be confused with the Service Unit Delegate process.  SU Delegates will not be attending the NCS: they are responsible for representing their SU at the GSWW Annual Meeting.  National Council Delegates represent GSWW at the GSUSA National Council Session.