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Annual Troop Finance Report

Annual Report:
 Each membership year, all Girl Scout troops and groups must submit their Annual Troop Finance Report by June 30. If this report is not submitted & received, the troop/group bank account will be zeroed out August 28. Please fill out the webform below. If the troop received a Travel Grant you are required to complete a paper form of the report and submit all applicable receipts. A complete walk-through presentation of the report is available to review, as well as a refresher presentation or ATFR Hot Sheet for the volunteers who would like to remember how to complete the information.

Disbanding, Retiring, or Graduating Troops: When a Girl Scout troop disbands, you need to fill out an Annual Troop Finance Report (along with a Troop Disbanding Report). Contact your Troop Program Manager with questions.

Keeping Your Records: Volunteers who lead Girl Scout troops or groups must keep all itemized receipts of purchases, bank receipts and deposits, and monthly bank statements on file for a minimum of four years. These documents may be requested at any time by any registered Girl Scout member, guardian of a girl member, or Girl Scouts staff member. This is based on IRS record retention guidelines. 


Note: If you're unable to fill out the digital form above, you can complete the paper Annual Troop Finance Report.