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Annual Troop Finance Report

Annual Report:
 Each membership year, all Girl Scout troops and groups must submit their Annual Troop Finance Report (ATFR) by June 30.

If this report is not submitted and received by August 31, the troop/group bank account will be frozen and not accessible until the report is submitted. 

Troops who do not complete their ATFR by the June 30 deadline are considered delinquent. Delinquent Troops who have not completed their ATFR by May 31 of the following year will have their funds donated. These funds will no longer be available for recovery and will not be reimbursed by Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

Please submit your ATFR using the Volunteer Toolkit, for more information please review our ATFR Hot Sheet and VTK ATFR Submission Instructions. A paper ATFR is available if you cannot file your report using the VTK.

Disbanding, Retiring, or Graduating Troops: When a Girl Scout troop disbands, you need to fill out an Annual Troop Finance Report (along with a Troop Disbanding Report). Contact your Volunteer Support Manager with questions.

Keeping Your Records: Volunteers who lead Girl Scout troops or groups must keep all itemized receipts of purchases, bank receipts and deposits, and monthly bank statements on file for a minimum of four years. These documents may be requested at any time by any registered Girl Scout member, guardian of a youth member, or Girl Scouts staff member. This is based on IRS record retention guidelines.