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Virtual and Modified In-Person COVID-19 Guidelines

Beginning April 1, GSWW is moving to hybrid programming. This allows members to participate in person or virtually depending on their personal preference. Please see below for all GSWW COVID-19 safety requirements and restrictions.


Have questions about the COVID-19 Member Safety Guidelines? Feel free to contact us using the form below.


Table of Contents



Guidelines Summary Chart

Program Area Guidelines for All Counties
Camp Programs Guidelines vary by program. Details below.
Camp Property Reservations Household groups for day or overnight use. Troops & Groups day use prior to May 3 and overnights starting May 3. Indoor 10 people max; Outdoor 15 people max (this includes adult ratio).
Camp Volunteer Maintenance Work parties of up to 14 participants.
Staff-Led Outdoor Camp Programs In person with restrictions (see below).
Summer Resident Camp Not offered for 2021.
Overnight Camping Household groups allowed. Troop/Group overnight camping permitted starting May 3.
Volunteer-Led Day Camp (indoor/outdoor) Permitted in person with restrictions (see below).
Cookie Program The 2021 Cookie Sale has concluded. Guidelines for the upcoming Fall Product Sale will be provided at a later date.
Day Trips Day trips are allowed in the state of Washington, but members are not authorized to travel outside of the state of Washington. See guidelines for carpooling below.
GSWW Offices Seattle and Everett offices open for troop meetings and schedule-your-own partner programs at 25% capacity. Bremerton, Longview, and GSWW Port Townsend & Oak Harbor Troop Houses are closed until further notice.
GSWW Staff-Hosted Programs Virtual only, except outdoor camp programs.
Learning Department Workshops – Adults Permitted in person with restrictions - Indoor 10 people max; Outdoor 15 people max (this includes facilitators – see below).
Learning Department Workshops – Youth Schedule-Your-Own only, limited to one troop per program offering. Indoor 10 people max; Outdoor 15 people max (this includes adult ratio and facilitators – see below).
Overnight Trips In-State travel permitted starting May 3. Updated guidelines will be shared May 3.
Retail Curbside pick-up/reduced in-store capacity at select locations.
Third Party Partner Programs Virtual or Schedule-your-own in person. In-person offerings, limited to one troop per program offering. Indoor 10 people max; Outdoor 15 people max (this includes adult ratio).
Transportation/Carpool Households only (see details below).
Troop/Group Activities Indoor 10 people max; Outdoor 15 people max (this includes adult ratio).
Volunteer-Led Events (indoor/outdoor) Permitted in-person with restrictions (see below).


Volunteer & Participant Accountability

Volunteer & Participant Accountability
  • By participating in GSWW’s in-person activities, participants acknowledge the following:  
    • COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus, easily spread including through in-person contact.
    • In choosing to participate in person, participants are choosing to accept the risk of contracting COVID-19.
    • GSWW cannot guarantee that infection will not occur.
  • Should you see someone not adhering to the GSWW COVID-19 Member Safety Guidelines, please email to inform council staff about the policy violation.
  • All volunteers who do not adhere to our COVID-19 Member Safety Guidelines are subject to removal from the Girl Scout program.
  • Girl Scout youth members who refuse to follow COVID-19 member safety requirements and policies are subject to removal from all in-person programming. In-person program removal duration will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Program hosts who do not adhere to Washington State & GSWW COVID-19 Member Safety Guidelines are subject to termination of third-party partnership agreements.
  • For specific questions or clarifications regarding our COVID-19 Member Safety Guidelines, please email for support. 


Hybrid Options

Virtual Participation (required if >15 participants)


In-Person Participation Preparation Requirements

COVID-19 Participant Screening
  • All adults, volunteers, and program hosts are required to submit GSWW’s FY21 COVID Waiver for all in-person programming either on paper or digitally through gsLearn. For instructions on how to access gsLearn, click here.
  • All youth, adult, and host participants are required to complete a Girl Scout Ready health assessment with an adult/guardian approximately 30 minutes prior to program start time; this form does not need to be submitted to council. All participants will be asked to verify completion of the assessment when signing into the activity.  
  • To support contact tracing efforts, program host(s) and/or troop leadership are required to keep a record of attendance for any in-person programming being offered. Keep the rosters on file for the duration of the membership year, or approximately three months if programming or event occurs in August-September 2021.
  • If anyone within your household has symptoms, or has known exposure to COVID-19, you can't attend in-person programming.
  • Attendance Roster example can be found here.
Group Safety Agreements to Manage Potential Incidents

If conducting in-person programming, it is important to establish an agreement with parents/guardians on how you will manage symptomatic participants and possible exposure incidents. After choosing an option below, communicate expectations to participants prior to the start of all program events.

  1. Option A: Require all parents/guardians to remain on site. This option allows for immediate pick-up and does not require isolation area requirements. Parents remaining on site are required to stay at least 20 feet away from the program activities and must follow all social distancing and mask requirements.
  2. Option B: Require parents/guardians to be within a 10-20-minute travel range for participant pick-up. If using this option, isolation requirements, ratio guidelines, and PPE best practices  must be followed and administered by volunteers. Please review isolation area requirements and risks associated with this option.
Are you Girl Scout Ready?

This assessment should be administered 30 minutes prior to the start of all in-person program activities. You will be asked by program leadership if you’ve completed your “Girl Scout Ready” assessment upon sign-in.

In the last 24 hours have you experienced ANY of the following:

  • Fever? Yes/No
  • Cough? Yes/No
  • Shortness of breath? Yes/No
  • Fatigue? Yes/No
  • Muscle Aches? Yes/No
  • Any other flu-like symptoms, such as gastrointestinal upset or headaches? Yes/No
  • New loss of taste or smell? Yes/No
  • A temperature over 100°F? Yes/No
  • Have you had contact with any confirmed COVID-19 positive patients in the last 14 days? Yes/No
  • Have you traveled outside of Washington State in the last two weeks? Yes/No

If any participants answer Yes to ANY of these questions, they should stay home and seek evaluation by their healthcare provider.


In-Person Participation Guidelines

Group Size
  • Troops and groups of up to 15 people are allowed to meet OUTDOORS
  • Troops and groups of up to 10 people are allowed to meet INDOORS
  • Total group size includes all participants, program hosts and volunteers and must adhere to GSWW ratio guidelines.
  • Third-party programs are limited to one troop per program offering, in accordance with group sizes above. 
Social Distancing and Face Covering Requirements
  • Participants are required, at minimum, to wear face coverings while participating in all GSWW activities. Troop leadership and program hosts are encouraged to have spare masks on hand.
    • Face shields are not allowed as a replacement to wearing a mask.
    • Troop leadership and program hosts are expected to refuse member participation if the member is not wearing a face covering.
    • If an individual is unable to wear a face covering, they may not participate in person, but every effort should be made to find a reasonable participation accommodation or alternative. These options may include:
      • Self-paced home activity that aligns with the in-person meeting activities.
      • Add members to the in-person meeting virtually. 
    • If an individual refuses to wear a mask, please ask them to leave the program. If the individual refuses to leave the program, please contact local authorities to have the person removed. Report the incident using the Incident Form.
  • Six feet of social distance should always be maintained by all program participants. If a physical distance of six feet between members is not possible in the activity space, groups should be sub-divided into smaller groups to ensure that this distance can be maintained.
  • Stagger restroom and hand washing time, rotating between program areas to minimize groups being in the same space at the same time.
  • Singing is permitted in outdoor spaces only and groups should increase the distance between participants to 12 feet when leading this activity.
Meeting and Programming Locations
  • Maintain visibility. Troop volunteers and program hosts should be able to see all Girl Scouts and be able to always monitor their whereabouts.
  • Increase fresh air as much as possible. Ventilation is important; for good indoor air quality. Use ventilation systems and/or open windows when possible. 
  • Follow guidelines. All program partners, meeting facilities, and vendors must follow CDC and state health department guidelines. Volunteers should confirm this before event.
  • Ensure that meeting spaces allow for social distancing. For indoor spaces, we recommend using a social distancing space calculator to determine the size of the room you will need for your troop/group size. Floor markers may help participants in your troop/group remember to maintain distance. We ask that you use painter’s tape, carpet squares, or other non-adhesive items if marking space.
  • Ensure grounds safety. For back and front yard meetings, make sure that the grounds are safe for children. Be sure pets, equipment, and tools unsafe for youth, such as outdoor trampolines, are safely sectioned off away from the meeting space.
Hygiene Practices
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Any program space should have adequate handwashing facilities on site. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Both youth and adult participants should wash their hands when they enter, start the activity, before eating, after using the bathroom, after blowing their nose or sneezing, and before going home.
  • If soap and water are not immediately available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
Cleaning Protocols for All Program Spaces
  • Routinely clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched like doorknobs, pens, faucets, toys, and equipment.
  • Clean and disinfect restrooms before and after the program offering if using personal spaces.
  • Limit shared materials to those you can easily clean, sanitize, and disinfect. Clean and sanitize these materials after each use.
  • Items that cannot be cleaned or sanitized should not be used unless individually assigned and labeled.
  • Resource: See the CDC’s website for more on cleaning and disinfecting community facilities.
Food, Dining and Snacks

Girl Scouts of Western Washington recommends that food not be consumed in programs lasting two hours or less. For programming that exceeds two hours and includes mealtime, participants must adhere to the requirements below:

First Aid
  • Program hosts and troop leadership should provide all first-aid supplies needed for programming. Troop funds can be used to purchase the necessary supplies for in-person troop activities. 
  • First aid supplies should include the following COVID-19 prevention items: hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol), tissues, disposable facemasks, two disposable adult medical gowns, trash bags, disposable gloves, and cleaning disinfectant.
  • Disposable or no-contact thermometers may be added to supplies if available and not cost-prohibitive. However, parents/guardians should check temperatures during pre-program Girl Scout Ready assessment and only allow their child to join group activities when temperatures are normal.  
  • Resources: Red Cross COVID-19 Guidance
Transportation & Pick-Up/Drop-Off
  • Carpooling of up to two households sharing a COVID-19 bubble is allowed.
  • Members can use public transportation to attend Girl Scout activities if they follow the health and safety protocols of the Public Transportation Authority. When possible, individual family members should drop off and pick up their own Girl Scout from all in-person programs.
  • To reduce the gathering of people, drop-off and pick-up at Girl Scout activities should involve a one-way traffic flow. Creating a six feet spacing system for pick-up is strongly recommended.  
Identification and Isolation of Participants with COVID-19 Symptoms

If a volunteer, program host and/or participant is exhibiting signs and/or symptoms of COVID-19 and is unable to leave the program site immediately, the following protocol should be followed:

  • Agreements should be made in advance with parents/guardians regarding how program hosts will manage symptomatic participants and possible exposure procedures.
  • Volunteers or program host should immediately contact parent/guardian for pick-up procedures.
  • If the program host, troop leadership or any program participants are symptomatic, the program should be canceled immediately, and all program participants should be notified and sent home.
    • Symptomatic participants should be isolated in a designated isolation area that is removed from but within eyesight and ear shot of the program area to maintain required youth to adult ratio.
    • If the symptomatic adult is unable to leave on their own accord, their emergency contact will be notified. They will remain in the isolation area until their transportation arrives. If unable to reach the emergency contact or arrange for transportation, emergency services (9-1-1) should be called.
  • If indoors, outdoor isolation area is preferred. If outdoor isolation area is not available, an isolation space should have a door that can close and windows that can be opened to improve ventilation.
  • It is required that the parent/guardian should make every accommodation to pick-up their child immediately if their child is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. A program host or volunteer should stay with the symptomatic individual until parent/guardian has arrived and should always wear a face mask/covering. It is advised to stay six feet away unless the participant needs medical attention. If medical attention is required, the volunteer should wear gloves, face shield, and mask to provide care, and contact 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.
    • Those choosing to provide in-person programming with parents/guardians not on site are required to have appropriate supplies on hand to provide any required care for a symptomatic participant. Items should be washed/sanitized or disposed of following use.
  • The symptomatic individual should wear a face mask/covering if able.
  • No one should enter the isolation area except for assigned program host/volunteer and parent/guardian.
  • Follow sanitation procedures to deep clean any areas that the symptomatic individual may have had contact with and notify all people who were in the area that a symptomatic individual had access to that area. See the CDC’s website for more on cleaning and disinfecting community facilities.
  • All parent/guardian(s) should be made aware of the isolation incident upon pick-up.
  • Program host or troop leadership should complete and submit an Incident Report Form to GSWW.
  • Resources: PPE Kits & Supplies, PPE Kit, Disposable Gown (please note, Troop Funds can be used to purchase health & safety supplies)
Reporting COVID-19 Positive Incidents

In the event of a COVID-19 positive test result, promptly contact a member of GSWW’s Customer Care Team at 800-541-9852 or, or the afterhours emergency line (800) 303-9963 if applicable. DO NOT contact the parents, troop members, or event participants. Once you’ve communicated a positive result to Customer Care, you will be directed to a GSWW Human Resources staff member who will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring an Incident report is filled out by troop leadership or program host. GSWW will also ask for the participation roster to ensure contact tracing is managed appropriately.
  • Contacting potentially exposed individuals or parents of youth participants
  • Notifying the facility where event or programming was held
  • Alerting the State Department of Health
  • Letting other volunteers know that council staff, NOT volunteers, will notify parents and others about a positive test result and that the individual’s identity is confidential. Girl Scout and volunteer health information is private and strictly confidential and should only be shared on a need-to-know basis with a council staff member.

Council staff will notify local health jurisdiction within 24 hours if there are two or more participants in the same activity who develop confirmed or suspected COVID-19 within a 14-day period.

Third-Party Partner COVID-19 Reporting

Reporting and communicating a positive COVID-19 case should be managed by the program partner. In the event of a positive test result, the partner should contact and inform the GSWW Program Partner Manager at All GSWW Program Partners are required to comply with Washington State COVID-19 laws and regulations; this includes contact tracing in the event of an exposure or positive case confirmation.

Reporting Violations
  • As a Girl Scout community, it is our job to ensure the safety of all our program participants, which is why we are asking our members to support GSWW’s “See Something, Say Something” policy. Should you see someone not adhering to the GSWW COVID-19 Member Safety Guidelines, please say something! Please email  or call 800-541-9852 to discuss council safety violation questions or procedures.
  • All violations will be investigated by a GSWW staff member within 48-72 hours. 
COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Girl Scouts of Western Washington strongly encourages all Girl Scout members to get the COVID-19 vaccine (as medically recommended) as it becomes readily available according to the Washington State vaccine phases
  • After receiving the vaccine, members are still responsible for adhering to all COVID-19 Member Safety Guidelines.
  • Girl Scouts of Western Washington will continue to monitor Washington State vaccine phases and adjust our policies accordingly. As vaccines become more widely available, guidelines will continue to be revised as appropriate.
Money-Earning In-Person Activities
  • Girl Scouts can conduct limited contact, social distanced money-earning activities that adhere to hygiene practices.
  • Face coverings and frequent hand washing/hand sanitizer should always be used with porch drops or exchange of physical items.
  • If currency must be exchanged, consider using Square or other contactless platforms.
  • For the complete money-earning guidelines, see our Money Earning and Troop Banking resources.
  • For money-earning at Learning Department conferences, troops with council approved money-earning can submit a flyer advertising their money-earning activity to the Learning Department at Upon approval, the Learning Department will include the flyer with our final event confirmation and in our event brochure, when possible. No transactions should take place at the conference to include the “delivery” or “drop-off” of items purchased.
Day Trips, Travel, Overnight Activities

In conjunction with Safety Activity Checkpoints, modified day trips and activities are permitted. Overnight activities will be permitted starting in May. Additional guidelines for overnight activities will be shared by May 3.

  • Outdoor Trips and Activities Only: In conjunction with Safety Activity Checkpoints, follow the same guidance as Troop Meetings and Hygiene and COVID-19 Risk Mitigation guidance
  • Day trips are allowed in the state of Washington, but members are not authorized for international travel or travel outside of the state of Washington.
  • Overnight travel is not authorized at this time but will be permitted starting May 3. Updated Guidelines will be shared on May 3 for all overnight activities and travel.
  •  Carpooling of up to two households sharing a COVID-19 bubble is allowed.
  • Parents/guardians will need to support the drop-off and pick-up of all participants.
COVID-19 Council Event/Workshop Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have encountered someone who has recently tested positive, we ask that you do not attend the in-person event. Please email a written request to for a refund.

Third-Party Partner Cancellation Due to Exposure or Positive Test

GSWW is not responsible for the reimbursement or refund policy of any third-party partner programming.

  • Each partner will:
    • Establish a refund policy. GSWW strongly recommends that all program partners clearly outline refunds in the event of:
      • Event being canceled because of the program host being sick.
      • Program participant is sick and cannot attend.
      • Program participant leaves during the event due to symptoms.
    • Each partner sets and enforces their own cancellation and refund policy.


Learning Department

Learning/Training Guidelines
  • All GSWW in-person learning participants and facilitators are to follow all in-person program guidelines.
  • To better serve our youth members and troops while adhering to COVID-19 Guidelines, the Learning Department will allow troops to request select “Schedule-Your-Own” workshops to be facilitated by Learning Department facilitators. There is a maximum of eight participants allowed per indoor workshop, to include at least one troop volunteer to supervise. There is a maximum of 13 participants allowed per outdoor workshop, to include at least one troop volunteer to supervise. Please see the Schedule-Your-Own (bottom of webpage) section of the Learning Department website for more information.
  • For workshops and outdoor trainings, in the absence of on-site Learning Department employees, facilitators will mail or scan rosters/sign-in sheets and waivers to: or
    Girl Scouts of Western Washington
    c/o The Learning Dept
    5601 6th Ave.
    Seattle, WA 98108
Learning Requirements for Events: COVID-19 Site Coordinator

All Learning Department events, including workshops, will designate a volunteer facilitator or event committee member as the COVID-19 Site Coordinator. For larger events, this volunteer can also serve as Event First Aider. This volunteer should not be assigned other tasks/duties and will:

  • Ensure that the provided COVID-19 health and safety signs are posted where appropriate (at check-in, in classrooms, workshop areas, restrooms, etc.)
  • Coordinate volunteers for check-in and provide instructions
  • Ensure that cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer are available at check-in, in classrooms, workshop areas, restrooms, etc.
  • Coordinate cleaning responsibilities
  • Report to Learning Department employee(s) any participants who are turned away due to COVID-19 or who need self-isolation
  • Designate a separate self-isolating area and schedule for possible supervision of that area
Learning Department First Aid & PPE
  • Please see First Aid requirements for all in-person programming above.
  • The Learning Department will provide First Aiders and COVID-19 Site Coordinators with personal protective equipment for events (gloves, face shields , face masks, disposable gowns) as well as sanitizing products (hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, etc.). These items will be available to facilitators to check out with workshop kits to use during First Aid/CPR administration or while tending to individuals who are ill. Please contact a member of the Learning Department at to coordinate check-out.


Property/Office Use

GSWW Offices – Reservations

Volunteers and partners can reserve meeting space at GSWW’s Georgetown and Everett offices. Bremerton, GSWW Port Townsend & Oak Harbor Troop Houses & Longview will remain closed until further notice.

At least five business days before your desired reservation date, complete the Reserving GSWW Office Form with your reservation request. A GSWW Office Supervisor will contact you to confirm the reservation at the location of your choice if available.

Georgetown Reservation Options

  • Multipurpose Room up to 10 (25% of capacity)
  • Kitchen can be accessed for use of the sink only, no food prep or cooking allowed.
  • Bathroom access available

Everett Reservation Options

  • Downstairs main area at 10 (25% capacity)
  • Upstairs at 6 (25% of capacity)
  • Access to the kitchen for use of the sink, no food prep or cooking allowed.
  • Bathroom access available
GSWW Offices – Check-in and Check-out Procedures
  • GSWW site staff will provide cleaning supplies, soap and/or hand sanitizer for each site and will ensure surfaces are disinfected between user groups, leaving 48-hours between reservations.
  • Solid surfaces should be wiped down after use. This includes tables, chairs and counter surfaces.  Check-in and check-out procedures specific to each office will be provided on-site and include expected cleaning procedures.
  • Supplies: bring your own supplies for any meeting.  GSWW cannot provide crafting or other supplies at this time due to cleaning difficulties.
  • When using the restroom, ensure participants take appropriate turns to maintain social distancing and that they wear their masks in the restrooms. 
  • Participants should bring their own food, beverages, and cutlery. Pre-packaged food can be brought and distributed by a supervising adult.
  • Floor markers may help participants in your troop/group remember to maintain distance. We ask that you use painter’s tape, carpet squares, or other non-adhesive items if marking space. 


Camp Programs and Properties

Camp Site Reservations/Rentals

Camp River Ranch and Camp Lyle McLeod will be open for day and overnight site reservations for households, troops, and groups. Indoor and outdoor locations will be available as weather and readiness permits. More information including steps to make a reservation, updated policies, and available sites can be found on the Rent Our Camps page of our website.

  • Participants are expected to follow all in-person guidelines
  • Prior to May 3, up to two households from the same “COVID-19 bubble” may reserve available indoor or outdoor sites together. Households sharing a site should register together and be comfortable sharing this space. After May 3, household groups are limited to a total of 10 people indoors and 15 people outdoors. One member of the household group must have active Girl Scout membership for the 2021 membership year to secure a reservation.
  • Troops and groups of up to 15 people outdoors and 10 people indoors from separate households can reserve available spaces for day use April through September.
  • Overnight camping will be permitted for troops and groups starting May 3. Troops and groups are limited to 15 people for outdoor spaces and 10 people for indoor spaces. Reservations for overnight camping are open.
  • Program areas at camp, including all docks and waterfront areas, are closed unless attending scheduled program. Limited pre-scheduled program opportunities will be available June-September with advanced registration. Public access to lakes may be available at nearby locations. Additional information will be provided upon site reservation and arrival.
  • GSWW site staff will provide cleaning supplies, soap and/or hand sanitizer for each site and will ensure surfaces are disinfected between user groups.
Face Coverings for Household Groups
  • Face coverings must be worn by household groups when in the proximity of on-site staff, passing others in camp, when using bathrooms/biffies, and when attending scheduled programs.
  • Families are responsible for providing their own face coverings.
Camp Showers and Restrooms
  • Bathrooms will be designated male/female and available throughout each camp property.
  • Showers for overnight guests will be at designated times assigned to your household to ensure sanitizing and rotation.
  • Cleaning supplies, including gloves, will be available in or near each restroom/biffy for self-cleaning required after every use.
  • Each restroom/biffy will have a posted cleaning schedule for sanitizing completed by staff.
Identification and Isolation of Sick People
  • If a member of your household, troop, or group begins exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 while at camp, your entire group will need to leave camp immediately. All members of your group should remain in the reserved site use area until you have gathered personal belongings and are able to leave.
  • Follow procedures for Reporting COVID-19 positive incidents
Outdoor Staff Facilitated Camp Programs (archery, swimming, boating, climbing, etc.)
  • Shared program equipment will be sanitized after each use.
  • Participants will need to wear gloves and/or wash or sanitize hands before and after handling some program equipment such as bows, arrows, ropes, etc.
  • Participants will be expected to check in with a staff member upon arrival and before parent/guardian departure.
    • Check-in will include verification that the participant has registered and paid, completed the health assessment, has a face covering and meets any additional requirements (e.g., closed toed shoes for archery).
    • Parents/guardians will not be permitted to remain in the program area but will have the option to wait inside their vehicles in designated parking lots.
  • Swimming:
    • Cloth masks should not be worn in the water. A wet cloth mask can make it difficult to breathe. This means it is particularly important to maintain distance from others when in the water.
    • Camp swim docks are divided into areas, and swimmers will be assigned to a specific area.
    • There will be designated points of entry and exit for docks and swim areas with traffic flow in one direction.
    • Additional guidance will be provided to those registering for swimming programs.
Day and Twilight Camp Programs
  • GSWW is permitting authorized GSWW volunteer-led day and twilight camps.
  • GSWW will work with volunteer-led day camp leadership to identify a designated COVID-19 guideline expert who will receive specialized training to ensure guidelines and best practices are followed.
  • Each camp will have a communicable disease plan reviewed and approved by Council staff.
  • Volunteer-led day camps will follow all GSWW Member Safety Guidelines and may set additional guidelines based on local county or health department recommendations, and their individual sites.
  • Camps with swimming will need to adhere to all site policies and state regulations for swimming facilities, and follow additional GSWW guidelines provided to their designated COVID-19 guideline expert. 
Camp Volunteer Work Parties
  • Volunteer support is needed at each of our seven camp properties. We invite those interested to complete our Camp Volunteer Interest Form.
  • Volunteers must adhere to all in-person Member Safety Guidelines.
  • Volunteers supporting camp maintenance may print and sign this modified paper copy of the COVID-19 Waiver, which should be turned in to the Site Manager or Ranger prior to starting volunteer activities. Forms will also be available upon arrival at camps.
  • Background checks will be required if youth may be on site.


Non-GSWW Properties

Non-GSWW Properties
  • For meetings held at public facilities, GSWW in-person programming guidelines must be followed, regardless of location. We recommend contacting the facility ahead of time to ask:
    • Is the space cleaned and sanitized at least daily and cleaned between users?
    • Are the bathrooms cleaned regularly and supplied with soap and paper towels?
  • Consider whether you can supplement any practices that are less ideal. For example, if you will arrive after another group, plan to bring sanitizing wipes to get the space ready for your troop.
  • Overnight troop/group Girl Scout camping activities are permitted starting May 3. Additional guidelines will be available by May 3.
  • Most public restrooms will regulate the number of people using the restroom at the same time, depending on the size.  If there is no regulator or signage, ensure participants take appropriate turns to maintain social distancing and that they wear their masks in the restrooms.  


Questions or concerns?


Have questions about the COVID-19 Member Safety Guidelines? Feel free to contact us using the form below or call 1(800) 541-9852.

Please enter phone number in the following format: 5555555555