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 Troop Leader - Learning

I'm a new Troop Leader. What should I do before my first meeting?
Girl Scouting 101
(45 minutes)​
Required For the link to the online orientation, click here. Enter the password:
Getting Started 
(2 hours, 15 minutes)​
Required Attend in person OR complete the  independent learning packet and attend a webinar.
Troop Leader Progression Helpful ​Review this document to learn what workshops need to be taken when.
My troop has met a couple of times, and I'm ready to learn more about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) and using Journeys.
Jump into Journeys
(3 hours)​
Highly Recommended​ Attend in person
​Check out the 10 Essential Elements for Troop Leaders (Daisy, Brownie, Junior)
Explore the Resources section of our website. Helpful​ Information available on the webpage.

My troop is excited to go on a field trip away from the meeting site for four hours or more.

Day Trip Planning
(3 hours)​

Required for activity  Attend in person OR complete the online workshop.

The Safety Activity Checkpoints requires a First Aider to accompany us on the girls' chosen activity.
First Aid/CPR
(6-16 hours)​
Required for activity Click here to view certification workshops available through the council. You can also receive your certification by other recognized agencies.​

My troop wants to have an indoor sleepover, or wants to sleep indoors at a Service Unit Encamporee.
Indoor Overnight
(about 2-3 hours)​
Required for activity
(great to take 3 months before overnight)
Complete the independent learning packet.​

My troop is ready to take a trip for two nights or less, and sleep outdoors:
Outdoor Overnight 
(16 hours of coursework + 10 overnight hours)​
Required for activity
(great to take 3 months before overnight)

Attend this workshop in person OR complete the equivalency.

My troop wants to take a trip for three nights or more:
Travel Planning with Girls
(3 hours)​
Required for activity Attend in person OR complete the online workshop.

We're really going off the beaten path:
Build your Outdoor Skills
(6 hours)​
Helpful Attend in person
Wilderness and Remote First Aid
Required for activity Attend in person. You can also receive certification by other recognized agencies.

How can you help my Cadettes, Seniors or Ambassadors prepare for a big trip?
Travel Workshop for Teens
(3 hours)​
Highly recommended Attend in person

I can't get enough! What else does Girl Scouts have for me?
Continuing Education​ Helpful Learn more on our Conferences and Certifications sections of our website. ​