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 Banking and Finance

Girl Scouts of Western Washington banking for troops, groups, and service units undertook a major transition over the past two years. This transition will continue until all accounts have been moved to one of two available banking options: a traditional bank account at Key Bank or an innovative card product at Bank of America.

Helping girls earn and manage money is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Your Girl Scout group is responsible for planning and financing its own activities, with your guidance. This puts girls in charge, giving them the opportunity (with your oversight) to cooperatively set goals, manage a budget, spend responsibly, maintain records, learn social skills, and develop good marketing, entrepreneurial, math and financial skills.

Please direct all questions, concerns, account changes, etc. to Megan McGrath, Girl Scouts of Western Washington's Banking Coordinator: 

Girl Scouts of Western Washington
601 Valley St, Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 267-1867 or (800) 767-6845, press 5 to reach Megan
Key Bank Option
  • Traditional bank account with online banking
  • Up to two debit cards per account
  • Social Security number and date of birth required for debit cards
  • Our council is no longer ordering checks through KeyBank. Please purchase checks through a third-party check printer. All check fees are the responsibility of the account holders. Girl Scouts of Western Washington does not guarantee check prices.
  • Online access is available for statements up to 12 months and check copies for 180 days
  • No monthly fee. However, certain charges may apply, including:
    * Request more than 12 copies of cancelled checks per year ($3/copy over 12 per year)
    * 40 cents per transaction item over 500 items per month (Transaction items include each check deposited, a cash deposit no matter the number of bills/coins, a cash withdrawal, a debit card transaction, etc.)
    * Other requests/transactions such as overdrafts, returned items, requests for copies of statements, etc. may incur a charge. Please contact Key Bank or the Girl Scouts of Western Washington Banking Coordinator if you have a question about the charge for a specific request or transaction. 
    * Statement duplicates or replacement copies will be charged at $6 per statement.
  • When the new KeyBank account is open and online access was requested by the signers, the account may be accessed through Key Total Treasury at https://ktt.key.com.​
Bank of America Card Option
  • Banking transactions will be done with a deposit card and a debit card.
  • Deposits will be made into a council account at an ATM using a deposit card. These deposits will be loaded electronically onto a debit card twice per week.
  • Expenditures will be made with a debit card.
  • For expenditures where debit card payments are not an option, a Payment Request Form can be submitted to the council electronically by an approved card holder/ signer. These payments will be made on a weekly basis by the council on behalf of the troop/group. The troop/ group account balance will then be reduced the amount of the payment made.
  • Paper statements will be mailed to the prepaid debit card holder or may be available for viewing electronically.
  • There would be no fees incurred on an ongoing basis. However, certain charges may apply, including:
    * Paper statement mailed to cardholder ($1)
    * Replacement of lost cards ($5)
    *​ Using teller for cash withdrawal instead of using the ATM ($5)
    * Using non-Bank of America ATM for withdrawal ($1.50)
    * Calling and speaking to a live agent vs. inquiring online ($2)
    * Other services may incur a fee, such as foreign transactions, etc.
Opening a New Bank Account 
All troops and groups managing Girl Scout funds must have an approved bank account through Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Please submit form requests to Volunteer Banking for processing.
Making Changes to an Existing Account 
All account changes are detailed in the attachments below. Please submit form requests to Megan McGrath for processing. 

Financial Reports

Volunteer Expense Reimbursement
Girl Scouts of Western Washington encourages volunteers to keep receipts and records to support allowable deduction of volunteer related expenses from the Federal Income Tax. However, in the case of an expense that would otherwise prevent a volunteer from performing a required service, reimbursement may be requested for that expense from Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Reimbursement requests should be submitted at the earliest opportunity after the expense has been incurred, using the Volunteer Expense Reimbursement form.