Gold Award

What is the Gold Award?
The Gold Award is the most prestigious award a Girl Scout can earn. This award recognizes Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts who lead using the Take Action process to change our world—or at least their corner of it. Any girl with determination and a positive attitude can achieve this special rank.

The standards* for earning the award are set by our national organization, GSUSA. When you earn this distinguished award you’re joining an elite group of hardworking women all across the country.

Aspire to earn the Highest Award. Inspire others to Take Action with you. Transform our world and go Gold!

Lead with confidence:

  • Be an agent of positive change
  • Take initiative to identify a problem in your community and do something about it
  • Serve as a role model to younger Girl Scouts and others in your community
  • Partner with community based organizations to create lasting change
  • Guide your team of volunteers to success

Manage your project:

  • Develop professional skills like networking, budgeting and public speaking
  • Listen and adapt to feedback from your team members and the Girl Scouts of Western Washington Gold Award team
  • Improve critical thinking skills to define the root of a problem
  • Set realistic and measurable goals and follow through on achieving them
  • Practice application writing and interview skills

Explore your passions:

  • Find the place where your passions intersect with the needs of your community
  • Use the special talents you have—in music, arts, athletics or otherwise—to improve your project
  • Learn new skills in a field that interests you—technology? Video production? Marketing?
  • Shape your project to align with your college and career goals
  • Share your story and speak your mind in a creative way

* Each Girl Scout council across the country establishes its own process for reviewing and awarding Gold Awards, operating within a framework set by GSUSA. Please be sure to follow all Girl Scouts of Western Washington guidelines and paperwork as you go Gold!

Did you know?
Since 1916, the organization's highest award, has represented excellence and leadership for girls everywhere! Earning the Girl Scout Gold Award puts you among an exceptional group of women who have used their knowledge and leadership skills to make a difference in the world (less than 6% of all Girl Scouts earn the Girl Scout Gold Award). With talent, passion, commitment and determination, you, too, can make changes in your community that can improve the world around you!

Have questions?
Do you want to explore more about the Gold Award? Take a look at the links below and check out the frequently asked questions, or contact us at or (206) 633-5600.