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 Financial Assistance

Girl Scouts is open to all girls and adults in every community and geographic area in western Washington.  Financial assistance is available to currently registered girl and adult members who otherwise would not be able to participate in Girl Scouting.  All forms to apply for financial assistance are located at the bottom of this page. This FA Powerpoint is an easy to follow overview of the available grants, the eligibility options and  instructions on filling out the forms.

When to Submit Requests
The membership year started on October 1, but it’s not too late,  you can still submit requests. You can submit all your requests at once, or you can submit them individually throughout the year. If you are requesting a camp grant or an event grant, please register for that camp or event before submitting the grant request.

Eligibility for financial assistance is based on the Federal School Lunch program.  Girl members who are eligible for free or reduced price lunch at school are eligible for financial assistance from Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

There are three ways to establish your eligibility for our financial assistance program. We will need only ONE of the following:

Each qualified girl is eligible for up to four requests plus one camp or travel request per membership year. Each qualified adult is eligible for up to four requests per membership year.  Submit a  FAEligibilityForm071312.pdfFinancial Assistance Request Form for the following grant requests:

  • Membership Dues: This grant is available to girls and to adult volunteers who are required to be members in order to fulfill their volunteer position.  This grant can be used for the current membership year or for registration renewal for the next membership year. This grant pays for one year of membership (Oct. 1 – Sept. 30) in Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Complete a membership registration form and write “FA” in the top right corner of the form.

  • Troop Dues: This grant is available to girl members in a Western Washington troop. It is not available to individually registered members (IRM’s). Grant is up to $40 and will be deposited into the Girl Scouts troop’s bank account. Requested grant amount must be the same amount that is being charged to other troop members. This grant can be requested by the troop leader if the parent/guardian cannot make the request. The parent/guardian will be notified of the completed grant.

  • Supply Voucher: This is a voucher for supplies from the Girl Scout Store. Available to girl members and to adults who are in the Troop Leader position (01 position). Voucher will be mailed directly to the girl/adult requesting assistance. Voucher is good for a one time purchase of eligible items for the use of the girl/adult named. Multiple vouchers can be requested if needed (ex. If the girl is bridging in the spring). Voucher must be presented in person or mailed to the Girl Scout Store and will be retained by the store upon purchase. Eligible items include one of each of the following:

    * Girl Scout sash, vest or tunic (girls only)
    * Troop numbers - up to five (girls only)
    * Flag patch (girls only) 
    * Council ID set (girls only)
    * Membership tab, membership pin, World Trefoil pin (girls and adults)
    * Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (girls and adults)
    * Girl Scout Journey Book (girls and adults)
    * Girl Scout Journey Book with How to Guide (adults only)
    * Skill Building Badge Activity Sets (girls and adults)

    Sales tax (and shipping if required):
    will be covered for items purchased with the voucher. If a girl is bridging in the spring, one of her four requests can be used for a second supply voucher to purchase items for her new level. If a girl wants to get all uniform parts and books for that program level, a second voucher can be requested as an additional grant request but the second voucher will be less than $60.

  • Event, Series or Workshop: These grants are available to girl members and adult members who are required to attend to maintain girl/adult safety ratios or are required to attend learning workshops for their volunteer position (ex. Jump Into Journeys, Outdoor Learning, First Aid, etc.). If a required adult workshop is not offered by Girl Scouts of Western Washington, financial assistance can be used to pay the fee of an event offered in the community (for example, a First Aid class offered by a hospital.) Eligible events, series or workshops include those offered by the Western Washington council or Service Units. This includes Service Unit Encamporees. Events offered by Girl Scouts of Western Washington partners are also eligible if they are included on our online calendar of events. Financial Assistance cannot provide reimbursements if the event is already paid. However, if the event is through a third party (Great Wolf Lodge, Woodland Park Zoo, Pacific Science Center, etc.) we will need a copy of the receipt and a reimbursement will be made to the troop’s bank account. 

    Interested in the Great Wolf Lodge Howl Out event on May 30, 2014? Click here for details about this event grant.
  • Camp Grants: Financial Assistance can be used for ONE camp session per eligible girl per membership year and is valued up to $600. Eligible camps include Resident and Day Camps, Volunteer-Led Day/Twilight Camps and Community Sleep Away Camps. Deposit, if required, is not covered. Camp must be operated by Girl Scouts of Western Washington staff, volunteer or Service Unit. Financial Assistance cannot provide reimbursements if the camp is already paid.

  • Travel Grants
    Financial Assistance offers travel grants in amounts up to $600. Travel grants are only available in the membership year that the trip occurs. A girl cannot receive both the Travel Grant and a Camp Grant in the same year.

    If it is a Girl Scouts USA Destinations Trip or a Girl Scouts of Western Washington Travel Opportunity, the girl must be accepted into the program before applying for financial assistance. Grant funds will be sent to the sponsor of the destination or to the registrar of the travel program.  Submit this request on a Financial Assistance Request Form and include the program’s acceptance letter.

    Travel grants for troop travel are available to girl members and adults members who are required to attend to maintain girl/adult safety ratios.  Financial Assistance can be used for the following: commercial or public modes of transportation, lodging, and Girl Scout program fees (such as GSUSA events, World Centers, Girl Scouts of Western Washington  or other council’s events).  Trip must be for a minimum of three nights. Financial Assistance must be paid directly to the vendor for lodging, transportation or program fees or to the troop as reimbursement when receipts are submitted before the first day of the trip.  Submit this request on a Financial Assistance Request Form and include the approved Intent for Extended Travel Application and/or Travel Application for Extended Trips.

Financial Assistance Request Forms:

Financial Assistance Eligibility Forms:

Members Registration Forms:

Send all completed forms to:
Mail: DuPont Girl Scout Center c/o Financial Assistance, PO Box 770, DuPont, WA 98327
Fax: (253) 473-0969