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 4 Your Girl Family Involvement Kit

4YourGirlLogo-250x165.jpgWhat can a 4 hour promise really do?
When families sign a promise card to volunteer four hours…

  • They become more in tune to the needs of the troop.

  • Male involvement increases. Four hours per family lends a new perception of “getting involved,” therefore more dads, step dads, grandfathers, and big brothers want to join in.

  • They keep coming back to help beyond the 4 hours because they witness the positive effect their participation has on the troop and their girl.

  • The volunteer pool becomes more organized; Troop Leaders know how to better communicate their needs for assistance, calling upon new people to do specific tasks and matching assignments with families’ availability.

  • The Leader’s load is lightened when more people help. (Example: cutting out shapes, shopping for badges or supplies, teaching a skill, or attending a service unit meeting).
  • Communication and cooperation between Troop Leaders and families significantly increases when troops use the 4 Your Girl Family Involvement Kits

  • Girls witness first-hand, the benefits of volunteerism. They will surely imitate the good example!

The 4 Your Girl  Kit consists of:

  • 4 Your Girl Troop Support Menu: a detailed description of job roles. Start here to see all the fun and flexible ways your family can support your troop At A Meeting, At Home, and On The Go.
  • 4 Your Girl FAQ: look here for answers on how best to use the kit, and what specific requirements there are for some of the job roles. 
  • 4 Your Girl Promise Card: this is how to customize and communicate your commitment based on your family’s time and interests.
  • 4 Your Girl Contribution Tracking Sheet: use this to see the ways your family is working for her. You’ll be surprised how quickly the hours can add up! Once you hit the 4 hour mark, share this with your troop’s Leaders or 4 Your Girl Coordinator, so they, and your girl, can recognize how much you’ve done.