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Volunteer at Home

Despite the challenging times we're currently facing, Girl Scouts wants to be a source of consistency and connection in the lives of youth and their families. Thanks to YOU, our incredible community of passionate volunteers, you help make this possible, every day. Being virtual isn't going to change Girl Scouting at its core. It's just going to change the way that compassion and support are delivered. This page is a resource for you as you help us keep Girl Scouts going during COVID-19.


Getting Started

Use these tools to start hosting Girl Scout meetings virtually.

Tools & Technology

Looking for Technology to help you with Girl Scouting at Home?

We have collected a list of tools that volunteers and members are using and have shared with us. If you know of others, feel free to share with us by emailing

Tools for Managing Troops: Scheduling, Messaging, & File Management
Tools for Hosting Online Video Meetings:

What is gsZoom?

gsZoom is an online tool, utilizing the Zoom platform, for Girl Scout volunteers that will help our members conduct audio and video conferences for Girl Scout activities and events.

Who can get a gsZoom account?

gsZoom is available to all registered, background checked Girl Scout volunteers needing a virtual platform for Girl Scout activities.

How do I get a gsZoom account?

Complete the 4 steps below

  1. Sign up through our “PURCHASE ONLY- gsZoom License for Volunteers” event. Complete your registration including submitting the gsZoom terms of use and agreement.
  2. Finalize your payment through the event.
  3. Wait up to 5 business days. We will create your account and then you will receive an email from Zoom with instructions to complete your account setup.  
  4. You're good to go! You may review our gsLearn module  “gsZoom for Volunteers” for additional training and resources for using Zoom and running virtual meetings. Be sure to reference the Troop Leader Blueprint and Volunteering at Home web pages for additional resources. 

Volunteer Learning Facilitators:

Licenses and account requests will be handled internally by the Volunteer Learning Team.

How do I use gsZoom?

Here are some helpful resources for getting started and navigating the gsZoom tool.

How To’s and Instructions

Process Support

  • Having trouble making a request via gsLearn or other administrative gsZoom questions? Contact Customer Care 1(800) 541-9852 or email

Tools to Communicate Via Text, Images, & Emojis
Things to Consider When Selecting Tools
  • How many people will be using the tool? Some tools are better for larger groups than others. 

  • What age are your participants? Often social media and collaboration tools online are designed for people aged 13 or above. Parents may have to manage accounts for younger girls if using many tools. Check the terms of service for the products to see what is needed here. 

  • What tools are your participants already comfortable with? Using understood tools can make adoption easier and reduce technical issues.

  • An all-in-one tool can be easier to get up and running over multiple separate tools. If you want to be able to chat in text, video conference, and store files, select something that can do all or most of what you want rather than having multiple tools for different pieces. Not switching back and forth will save on frustration.  



Online Volunteer Learning

Virtual Workshops
Online Courses Through gsLearn

Since October, our new online learning platform for volunteers, gsLearn, has been available. Now is a great time to explore some of the courses you haven't taken yet. Before you know it, you will be ready to take your Girl Scouts on brand new adventures.

Access courses on the go, track your progress, and more by signing into your MY GS account and clicking on the gsLearn logo. 

After you activate your gsLearn account for the first time, it takes up to 30 minutes for courses from our council, such as the New Leader Learning Path, to appear. Please check back in about 30 minutes and see if the course is visible. If you are still having trouble accessing after that time, or you do not see a gsLearn option after logging into MyGS, please contact Customer Care.

Customer Care: 1(800) 541-9852 or



Additional Resources

Talking About Race with Youth
Self Care for Volunteers
For Service Unit Volunteers
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Questions or concerns?

Call us at 1(800) 541-9852 or email us at Our Customer Care team is available Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.