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Volunteer with a Troop


What is a Troop?

A troop is a group of Girl Scouts who gather weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Adult volunteers guide troops as youth members select exciting hands-on activities and projects, try new things, and cheer each other on. See the troop volunteer role descriptions below to see how you can get involved with a local troop!


Troop Volunteer Roles:

Troop Leader*
Troop Leaders work directly with a group of Girl Scouts to mentor and guide them through their Girl Scout troop experience. Leaders help with Troop communications, scheduling, and helping Girl Scouts explore their passions and interests through Girl Scout programming.

Assistant Troop Leader/Co-Leader*
Assistant Troop Leaders work directly with a Girl Scout troop and support the Troop Leader in facilitating Girl Scout activities.

Troop Product Manager*
Troop Product Managers provide support to their troop during Fall Product and/or Cookie Sales. Product Managers coordinate annual product sales at the troop level. They set up cookie booths, manage inventory and money, and watch the Girl Scouts light up when they reach their goals and earn rewards for being the best cookie sellers ever!

Troop Treasurer*
Troop Treasurers manage the troop bank account and report on the troop's finances in accordance with Girl Scout of Western Washington policies.

Troop Helper
Troop Helpers support and assist Girl Scout troops on an occasional basis. This could include assisting with driving, activity planning, snacks, money management, or other tasks necessary to keep the troop running smoothly from week to week.

Troop Outdoor Specialist*
Outdoor Specialists support a troop’s youth members with planning and executing outdoor activities. This person is an essential part of troops that are highly active and adventurous!

*This role requires additional online training.


Ready to Volunteer?

If you’d like to speak with someone about volunteering with a troop, please contact our Customer Care team at or 1(800) 541-9852!