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Update Your Troop Information

Updating your troop information helps new members join Girl Scouts. You can add your troop to the Participation Catalog—our online listing of troops with open spots for youth or volunteers. The Participation Catalog helps families search for troops with open spaces by zip code. It also allows adults to see volunteer opportunities in their area and sign up to help. 

Girl Scouts wants to establish a culture of accessibility and inclusion throughout the organization, including in all programming and member-facing activities. While we understand many Girl Scouts want to participate with their friends, we encourage troops to welcome new youth that you may not know. Every year we have hundreds of potential Girl Scouts waitlisted due to lack of volunteerism. Help us create Girl Scout experiences for ALL youth.

Want to open your troop to new families? Click the link below!

NOTE: Filling out the form does not automatically update your information in our system. All information given is updated manually by a staff member. If you have an urgent request, please contact our Customer Care Team. 

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How do I access the Participation Catalog?

You can visit our Girl Scout Join Page to access the Participation Catalog!

How do I know if a new Girl Scout joins my troop?

Great question! Our system generates automatic emails sent to Troop Leaders whenever a new member joins. However, we encourage all Troop Leaders to actively be checking their troop rosters through the Volunteer Toolkit. This is where you can see the most up-to-date roster for your troop.

How do I add a specific Girl Scout to my troop?

If you would like to invite a friend to join the troop, just have them visit our Girl Scout Join Page. As long as there are open spots in your troop—and you’ve indicated that you’d like your troop to be displayed in the Participation Catalog—the new members will be able to locate the troop in the Participation Catalog and can then complete payment. 

What information will be included in my troop’s Participation Catalog listing?

The troop listing will include the following information: 

  • Troop number 
  • Troop grade level 
  • Associated school 
  • Number of available youth and volunteer spots  
  • Day, frequency, and times your troop meets (exact dates and locations are not given)
What if I have an opening mid-year, or I need to make changes to my meeting information?

A troop can join the Participation Catalog at any time throughout the year! Just let us know your updated information by filling out the Update Your Troop Information Form.


Questions? We’re here to help! Call 1(800) 541-9852 or email