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Other Leadership Awards

Other Leadership Awards

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes! At Girl Scouts, you have lots of opportunities to hone your leadership skills.


Global Girl Scouting

  • Global Action Award | Daisy-Ambassador Girl Scouts
    To earn your Global Action Award, you'll learn about global issues that impact girls, young women, and their communities. Discover your own values, connection with the global community, and take action to improve the world. Check out the requirements to complete a Global Action Award!

Teen Mentoring Awards

  • Leader In Action Award | Cadette Girl Scouts
    As a Leader in Action, you'll share your skills, test your knowledge and try out new leadership roles. For the girls being mentored, it means a chance to learn from teens—some of their favorite people! Information on earning the Leader in Action Award is in the Cadette Journey guides.

  • Program Aide Award | Cadette Girl Scouts
    As a Program Aide, you're a role model for younger girls! To achieve your Program Aide Award, you’ll need to earn your Leader in Action Award and complete the Program Aide Core Leadership Workshop. Then, you’ll work with younger Girl Scouts over six activity sessions. Check out upcoming Program Aide Workshops.

  • Counselor-in-Training Award | Senior-Ambassador Girl Scouts
    Hone your leadership skills and have a blast at Girl Scout camp! This fun and challenging three-part leadership course is for young women interested in leading girls in the great outdoors. Learn more about leadership experiences at Girl Scout camp.  

  • Volunteer-in-Training Award | Senior-Ambassador Girl Scouts
    Want to mentor Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, Juniors or Cadettes? In this 3-6 month program, you'll help lead a group of younger Girl Scouts. To achieve this award, complete a Volunteer-in-Training Workshop. Then, you’ll create and implement a program for a troop of younger Girl Scouts! Check out upcoming Volunteer-In-Training Workshops

Service Awards

  • The Torch Award | Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts
    Are you a leader in your community? To earn your Torch Award, first complete a Leadership Journey. Then serve at least one term (which can be a quarter, semester, or year—as long as it adds up to 20 hours of service!) in a leadership position at your school, town council, community center, or a similar organization.

  • Community Service Bar | Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts
    If you're a community service rock star, this service bar is for you! Start by choosing a non-profit organization—that isn’t Girl Scouts—where you'd like to volunteer and submit this form two weeks in advance for approval. Once you hear back from us, complete at least 20 hours of service and submit your hours log to earn your bar!

  • Service to Girl Scouting Bar | Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts
    If you choose to volunteer at least 20 hours with Girl Scouts—outside of your normal troop activities—you can receive the Service to Girl Scouting Bar! Your service doesn’t need to be pre-approved, just work with an adult Girl Scout volunteer to make a plan for your service. Once you’ve completed your hours, you can purchase your award pin at any Girl Scout store.

Remember: Each time you earn one of these awards, it should be earned for a distinct project and you can only count the hours towards one Girl Scout award.