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A graphic says, "More Than a Century of Girl Scout Cookie History" next to photos of Girl Scouts through the ages.

More Than a Century of Girl Scout Cookie History

Most people have a special place in their hearts for Girl Scout Cookies. Not only because they’re spectacularly delicious but also because the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps youth fulfill their dreams, follow their passions, and change the world!

The program, which is one of the largest youth-led and the largest girl-led entrepreneurial programs in the world, helps Girl Scouts fund unique adventures for themselves and their troops all year long. It also allows them to give back to the causes they’re most passionate about—it’s the Girl Scout way! As cookie entrepreneurs learn essential life skills every step of the way, Girl Scouts are also transformed into bold and brave leaders who will make the world a better place today and in the future. 

For more than 100 years, cookie sale proceeds go toward building everyday leaders who make positive changes in our world. And there’s no doubt: U.S. society today is better because of those who have taken part in Girl Scouting! But how did it all begin?

Hey, Let’s Sell Cookies!
It all started in 1917, when Girl Scouts in Muskogee, Oklahoma, did what Girl Scouts everywhere always do: they had a great idea, got together, and took action to make it a reality. The Girl Scouts of Mistletoe Troop hit on the clever idea to fund their projects by selling cookies they made at home in their own kitchens. So simple—and so smart! Other troops took note, and the idea of Girl Scouts selling cookies took off.

Girl Scout Cookies Fuel a Century of Adventure for Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Cookies fuel a century of adventures for Girl Scouts

Fast forward to today, when more than a million enterprising Girl Scouts will sell hundreds of millions of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to support their mission of making the world a better place. But there’s more work to be done—and more amazing experiences to be had—and we need everyone’s involvement!

You can help the next generation of Girl Scouts fulfill their dreams and change the world by finding cookies near you now. With every box of Girl Scout Cookies you buy this year, you help support tomorrow's courage-boosting, confidence-inspiring, character-building, making-the-world-a-better-place experiences.

How will the Girl Scout Cookie Program power the next century of entrepreneurs toward greatness? Let’s find out!

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