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 Media and PR Guidelines

Consider this your communications resource, including information regarding media contact and tips for getting stories placed in your local news publications.

Image Use Guidelines

Currently registered Girl Scouts and girls who have registered for staff-led Girl Scout events give permission when registering for Girl Scouts of Western Washington to use images taken at Girl Scout activities to promote Girl Scouting.

This paragraph is included on registration forms:

"We understand that when participating in Girl Scout activities, participants may be photographed for print, video or electronic imaging. We understand that these images may be used in promotional materials, news releases, and other published formats for either the local Girl Scout council or Girl Scouts of the USA. We acknowledge that these images will be the sole property of either the local Girl Scout council or Girl Scouts of the USA."

Additional permission is needed only when personal and/or identifying information is used in conjunction with an image. Permission is needed before sharing photos with identifying information - like troop number, last name, region/area/city, age, etc. - on social media sites, websites or with local media outlets such as newspapers and television.

Image Release Consent Forms are needed for non-Girl Scout images taken at events.

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