Are you planning a day, overnight, or extended trip (including high adventure, sensitive topics, camping, encamporee or international travel) with Girl Scouts?

Here’s all the information you will need to make planning easy for you and your girls!

Step 1

Review the Guide to Planning a Trip​, it will help you sort through each form related to trips with Girl Scouts, and help you determine when you need each one, where they go and what the submission deadlines are.

Knowing which forms you need and where to find them can be confusing; yet, not having proper paperwork can spoil the whole experience for everyone. Take the stress out of it by using the Form Finder.  Once this tool opens up click on the image and answer a few short questions-you’ll get a list of what’s needed and the forms themselves as writable PDF’s.  Yay-no guesswork! Or use the information below. Either one will work.

Step 2

Download, fill out and submit the forms below related to your travel experience. Girl Scouts of Western Washington has provided a variety of forms for girls and leaders to use when planning a Girl Scout adventure.

Some forms are used both for Trips and Meetings and Events with Girls:

Step 3

Additional Resources and other tools to help you plan your Girl Scout adventure: