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 Fall Product Sale

Girl Scouts of Western Washington will again be offering  a nut and candy sale so girls can earn money for Girl Scout opportunities! Unlike the cookie sale, this is a friends and family sale. There are no re-orders or booth sales.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the dates of the Fall Product Sale?
Order taking will begin on September 6, 2013 and end on September 22, 2013. Girl orders are due to the troop on September 23, and troop orders are due to service units on September 24. Deliveries to service units will take place from October 12-15, 2013. Girls will deliver products and collect money until October 28, 2013. Money is due to troops on October 30, 2013.

productsales.jpgWhat are the products I'll be selling?

This year, the following products will be offered:

  • Salsa Mix Extra Value Jar $8.50
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels - Snowman Tin $7.50
  • Mint Trefoils - Girl Scout Tin $7.50
  • Chocolate Covered Almonds $6.50
  • Whole Cashews 8oz $6.50
  • Chocolate Covered Raisins $6.50
  • Honey Roasted Peanuts $5.50
  • Butter Toffee Peanuts $5.50
  • Cranberry Trail Mix $5.50
  • Peanut Butter Cups (box) $5.00
  • Pecan Supremes (box) $5.00
  • Fruit Slices $4.50
Does my troop have to participate?
No. Participation in this activity is voluntary. Troops and girls wishing to participate must have renewed their membership for 2013/2014 by September 6, 2013. Girls must have a parent/guardian sign a 2013 Fall Product Sale Parent Permission & Responsibility Form to participate.

What are the benefits of participation for troops?
It is a great opportunity to earn money early in the troop year to provide troop start-up funds. Troops receive $1.00 per item sold for troop proceeds.

Can IRMs participate?

Yes. This will be our first year allowing IRMs to participate independently of a troop. The IRMs will earn Cookie Dough Reward when they sell 11+ items. The Cookie Dough will be good through April 15, 2014.

How much Cookie Dough will IRMs earn?
The Cookie Dough reward will be based upon the following bands:

  • 0 – 10 items sold – No Cookie Dough earned
  • 11 – 20 items sold – $15 Cookie Dough
  • 21 – 40 items sold – $30 Cookie Dough
  • 41 – 60 items sold – $50 Cookie Dough
  • 61 or more items sold – $70 Cookie Dough

Will there be any girl rewards?

  • The council will provide the following girl rewards:
  • Girls who sell at least 20 items will receive a theme patch.
  • Girls who sell at least 50 items will also receive a super seller patch.
  • Girls who sell at least 70 items will also receive a stuffed whale keychain
  • Girls who sell at least 5 items through the eNuts+ online ordering system will earn an eNuts+ patch.

How does a service unit support the Fall Product Sale?
Service unit managers are responsible for recruiting an adult (who has completed the Girl Scouts of Western Washington application process-Volunteer Application and Criminal Background Check) to be the Service Unit Fall Product Manager if troops in the service unit are interested in participating in the Fall Product Sale. The name and contact information for the Service Unit Fall Product Manager must be forwarded to cookies@girlscoutsww.org no later than Friday, June 14, 2013.

The Service Unit Fall Product Manager cannot also be the Service Unit Cookie Manager, as training for the cookie sale will overlap with the delivery of the fall products.

What does a troop need to do to participate?
Each troop will need to contact their service unit in August to find out if there is a Service Unit Fall Product Manager. If there is, the troop can then recruit a Troop Fall Product Manager. The troop (and all girls participating in the Fall Product Sale) must renew their 2013/2014 membership before the order taking begins on September 6, 2013. Troops should share the basics of the sale with parents. Parents must sign the 2013 Fall Product Sale Parent Permission & Responsibility Form for each girl participating.
FallTroopFlyer2013.pdf2013 Fall Product Sale Troop Information
TroopInstructionBooklet.pdfTroop Instruction Booklet

What are the roles of service unit and troop product managers?
Does a troop leader need to be the product manager?
No. It is recommended that the troop leader recruit another adult to be the sale's product manager. This fall the Cookie Program Training for troop leaders will overlap with the delivery of the fall products.

Can a troop's product manager also be a troop cookie manager?
Yes, a volunteer could do both.

How can I market the Fall Product Sale on the Internet?
E-Nuts+ is an email sales program. Girls send emails to family and friends asking for their support. Customers go to Trophy’s E-Nuts+ website to order using the link from the email sent by the girl.
E-Nuts+ tracks orders so credit is given for products sold, troop proceeds and recognitions earned. Customers pay online and products are shipped direct to them or to their gift recipients with a basic shipping/handling fee.