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 Fall Product Sale

The Fall Product Sale is a great way for girls to earn money for Girl Scout opportunities and develop the Five Skills of an entrepreneur—goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics!  Unlike the Cookie Sale, Girl Scouts only sell to their friends, family and neighbors.  This year's sale will take place between September 25-October 11!

Virtual Storefront: This year, we’ve partnered with Trophy Nut Company and the M2 Media Group to offer a virtual storefront. Girls can personalize an avatar and market their products online!

Fall Product Sale Goods

These Trophy Nut Company products will be offered through the order card. There are many more nut and candy varieties—as well as magazine subscriptions—available for the girls to sell through their personalized virtual storefront.

Description  ​ Cost
​Peppermint Bark ​$9.50
​Mint Trefoils ​$8.50
​Chocolate Covered Almonds ​$7.50
​Whole Cashews ​$7.50
​Pistachios ​$8.50
​Chocolate Covered Raisins ​$6.50
​Butter Toffee Peanuts ​$6.00
​Fruit Slices ​$5.00
​Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews ​$8.00
​Salt and Pepper Cashews ​$7.50
​Chocolate Toffee Almonds ​$8.50
​Honey BBQ ​$6.50
​Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels ​$6.00
​Peanut Butter Monkeys ​$6.00
​Pecan Supremes ​$6.00
​Salsa Mix ​$9.50

Rewards and Benefits

Girls earn rewards for their hard work. This year, we’re awarding these prizes:

  •  15+ items sold – Do GR8 Things patch
  • 35+ items sold - Giraffe Plush
  • 75+ items sold – Keep Calm and Stand Tall Tee
  • $225+ in online sales – Personalized Avatar patch
  • 100+ items sold – Top Seller plaque, plus a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite!
For troops, it is a great opportunity to earn money early in the school year and create start-up funds for activities in the fall and winter. For every item sold, troops get $1.00. The Fall Product Sale is also a great programmatic opportunity for girls to tap into their creativity by designing their personalized girl avatar, creating a virtual storefront and launching their own marketing video.
For Individually Registered Members, Cookie Dough Rewards are awarded when they sell eleven or more items.

 Frequently Asked Questions

    • September 19-October 5: Girls take orders from family, friends and neighbors
    • October 5: Girl orders are due to their troop leaders
    • October 6: Troop and Individually Registered Member (IRM) orders are due to Service Unit Fall Product Managers
    • October 20-22: Product is delivered to service units for distribution to troops and IRMs
    • October 20-26: Girls deliver product and collect money from customers
    • October 27: All money is deposited and troop paperwork is turned into Service Unit Fall Product Managers

    How can my troop or IRM participate? 

    1. Connect with your service unit to let them know you’d like to participate. Your Service Unit Fall Product Manager will make sure you receive the materials and information you need for your girls.
    2. Make sure your girls are registered for the 2014-2015 Girl Scout membership year before September 19, 2014.
    3. Recruit a Troop Fall Product Manager. It’s an easy job for a parent in your troop! Your Troop Fall Product Manager will attend a Fall Product Sale workshop or take an online training on the Trophy Nut Order System.
    4. Hold a Parent Meeting. Parents or guardians of each girl participating must sign a 2014 Fall Product Sale Parent Permission & Responsibility Form.
    5. Ask parents to help girls set up a Me2 online account using their parent’s email address. After that, girls can design their personalized avatar, virtual storefront and marketing video.
    6. Girls take orders by launching their online storefront via email to friends and family and visiting their neighbors with their order cards.
    2014 Troop Fall Product Sale Guidebook (coming soon!)

    The Fall Product Sale is a great opportunity to ask a parent to volunteer with the troop, especially if you have more than five girls. If only a couple girls are selling, then the troop leader can definitely serve as the Troop Fall Product Manager. Remember: A Troop Cookie Manager can also be a Troop Fall Product Manager!

    The M2 Media Group has created an online site so girls can actively engage in the online sales process. With help from her parents, a girl will set up her own Me2 avatar that can look just like her! She’ll then answer questions to help her market the products being offered—how much money does she need to achieve her goals? What does the troop plan to do with the money earned? What does Girl Scouts mean to her?

    Next, each girl will set up her storefront with her own promotion video and pictures. She can send emails to family and friends asking them to visit her storefront and support her goals. Customers who order through her storefront will pay online and can have the products shipped directly to them for a small shipping and handling fee, or choose to have the products delivered directly by the girl.

    Through the site, a girl can track her sales and connect with the other girls in her troop to see how they are doing as a group! The online orders for all the girls in the troop will be automatically downloaded to the Trophy Nut Order System where the Troop Fall Product Manager will be keeping track of sales, payments and rewards for the girls.

    ​The Service Unit will want to recruit a Service Unit Fall Product Manager. This person is appointed by the Service Unit Manager. Here are the qualifications for a Service Unit Fall Product Manager:

    • Be a registered Girl Scout Member
    • Complete the volunteer application and background check process
    • Be 21 years or older


    Service Units who are planning on participating in the 2014 Fall Product Sale should send the name and contact information of their Service Unit Fall Product Manager to cookies@girlscoutsww.org by June 20, 2014.

    New for 2014: A Service Unit Cookie Manager can also be a Service Unit Fall Product Manager!


    Service Unit Fall Product Managers should attend one of the Fall Product Sales workshops presented by the Girl Scouts of Western Washington Product Sales Team. This is where they’ll receive all the information they need to prepare troops and IRMs for a successful Fall Product Sale.

    There will also be the Service Unit Fall Product Sales Guidebook and online training available on the Trophy Nut Order System. Links to these resources will be posted here soon!