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 Cookie Resources for Girls and Families

Bling Your Booth Contest

Plain is BORING! Bling. Your. Booth! Enter to win $500 by decorating your booth, snapping a picture, and posting it to the GSUSA Facebook page.

Check out all the details here!

Cookie Rookies

Is your girl new to the Girl Scout Cookie Program? Check out this fun video for Cookie Rookies!


2015 Girl Scout Cookie Program Schedule

  • January 10-February 14: Service Unit Cookie Rallies
  • January 16-February 22: Girls take Order Commitments from friends, family and neighbors
  • February 22-March 15: Girls have cookies in hand and deliver Order Commitments
  • February 27-March 15: Community Booth Sales

In the Girl Scout Cookie Program, we want to see your girl succeed—and have a blast doing it! You can help your Girl Scout by ...

  • Filling out the Parent Permission and Financial Responsibility Form.
  • Helping her understand that you will support her and cheer her on. Remember, adults shouldn’t ever take on the main responsibility for selling cookies—this is a girl-led business!
  • Attending the Cookie Program training for her troop.
  • Providing transportation to Cookie events or Booth Sale sites.
  • Providing a safe place for money to be collected.

 Cookie Guide for Girls and Families

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