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 Cookie Resources for Girls and Families

2015 Girl Scout Cookie Program Schedule

  • January 10-February 14: Service Unit Cookie Rallies
  • January 16-February 22: Girls take Order Commitments from friends, family and neighbors
  • February 22-March 15: Girls have cookies in hand and deliver Order Commitments
  • February 27-March 15: Community Booth Sales

In the Girl Scout Cookie Program, we want to see your girl succeed—and have a blast doing it! You can help your Girl Scout by ...

  • Filling out the Parent Permission and Financial Responsibility Form.
  • Helping her understand that you will support her and cheer her on. Remember, adults shouldn’t ever take on the main responsibility for selling cookies—this is a girl-led business!
  • Attending the Cookie Program training for her troop.
  • Providing transportation to Cookie events or Booth Sale sites.
  • Providing a safe place for money to be collected.



 Cookie Guide for Girls and Families

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