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 What Makes Girl Scout Camp So Awesome?

YOU make Girl Scout Camp awesome!

But the experiences you'll have, the friends you'll make,the staffers you get to spend time with and the new adventures you have also help!camp1.jpg
Almost anyone who has experienced Girl Scout Camp knows it’s an experience unlike any other - full of adventure, friendship and pure joy! But if you’ve never been to camp, how would you know that?
Let us tell you…
Each camper lives with a group (called a unit) of 11-23 other girls that are her same age and three to six counselors. The counselors wake you up in the morning with fun songs or silly announcements, and read you stories at night. This group of girls and counselors spend all of their time together in their cabins, at campfires, singing songs, doing camp activities like swimming and archery, sleeping under the stars on an overnight excursion and sharing meals together.
The first day you arrive at camp, you will play games and learn the names of the other girls and your counselors, and you will get to work with the other girls in your unit to plan out the activities you will do that week and what you will cook and eat during cookout. 
There will also be a campfire where everyone in camp sings songs and tells stories.
Where do campers sleep?
openair3.jpgYounger girls entering grades 1-3 often sleep in enclosed buildings that have carpets and cubbies and they either have bunks or the campers sleep on mattresses on the floor like a big slumber party.  Campers that are a little older and going into the 4-8 grades most often sleep in open-air cabins. Those are cabins that have walls and a roof, but have spaces that are open to the outdoors, so it’s really like camping!  They might also sleep in platform tents that are just like the ones that our mothers and grandmothers slept in!  They are big canvas tents on a wooden platform with two or four bunks inside.  At night you can close the flaps to keep out the bugs and keep in the warmth.
Some of the units have what we call BIFFYs (bathroom in the forest for you) and they are much better for many of our camp ecosystems than other alternatives.  There are also flushing toilets at camp, and every camp has a shower house with private curtained stalls. 
What will I do at camp?
The possibilities are endless! Some of the new experiences you might have at camp are sea kayaking on the Hood Canal or sleeping under the stars for the first time on an overnight at the Upper Lake at Girl Scout Camp Robbinswold, riding a horse on a trail ride or finally making it all the way across the lake during the Florence Chadwick swim at Girl Scout Camp St. Albans, learning how to shoot a bow and arrow or discovering more about the culture of your counselor who is from another country at Girl Scout Camp River Ranch. So much adventure awaits you!
Camp chores can be fun!
Every day, each cabin or tent is responsible for doing a Kaper in their unit.  Kapers are what we call chores at camp. Your Kaper might be picking up trash on the ground or helping to sweep out the BIFFY.  Each unit also does a Kaper that helps out the whole camp community, like performing the flag ceremony before breakfast and dinner or bussing the dishes at the meals.  This way, every girl and staff member in camp helps each other out and is responsible for her own community.  It’s a wonderful way to support each other, and keep camp looking great!
Silly staffers make all the difference!
soundview2011.jpgEveryone in camp eats meals together in the main lodge, so you have the opportunity to meet campers and counselors you don’t live with. Our camp staff come from all over the country - and the world!  And they have silly names like Strawberry or Cricket, and you don’t get to know their real names until you go home. We have staff members who will watch you swim and help you learn to boat while you are at the waterfront, teach you what kinds of critters are living in the woods around camp, help you improve your marksmanship at archery, take you on an overnight trip across Hood Canal, teach you how to groom a horse and so much more! 
On top of all those new skills, you will also become more confident in your abilities, learn how to work with others to make decisions, discover new interests and make new friends. You will be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, be encouraged to try new things and take reasonable risks in a safe environment. There is a whole community of camp staff and campers ready to support you!
The memories you make at camp will last a lifetime!camp2.jpg

Watch a video of camp to see what fun you can have!