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 Step Into The Camp Garden!

Situated in the heart of camp, the Girl Scout Camp River Ranch Organic Garden invites the inquisitive mind to explore, dig, taste, and try. Perennial culinary herbs delight the sense of smell, goldfish dart under aquatic plants in a small pond, edible flowers are surprisingly spicy on the tongue and bean vines climb high on trellises, throwing shade onto a story-circle in late afternoon. Garden programs engage girls in fun, hands-on activities. From soil amendment, to beneficial insects, to seed collection, customizable curriculum covers all aspects of growing organic food and provides a unique experience for girls of all ages.  

In River Ranch garden programs girls give plants a head-start by planting seeds in a sustainably-built greenhouse, fill watering cans from rain barrels, sample “volunteer” mustard greens, and
help plant, weed, feed, and care for a variety of edible plants.

All food grown in the garden is then harvested and consumed by Girl Scouts who come to Girl Scout Camp River Ranch. Garden programs are offered early spring through late fall and are always taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.

Individuals can sign up for garden and greenhouse events listed in the GO! Guide and groups can specially plan a program that fits their schedule. Every spring girls of all ages can sign up for Help It Grow! and help ready the garden for the growing season, while the Garden Harvest Party participants gather any last crops and help protect the vegetable beds from the nutrient-leaching Washington winter rains. Almost any time of year, groups can schedule a 90-minute gardening session during their troop or service unit camping event at Girl Scout Camp River Ranch.

Girls participating in the Camp River Ranch organic garden do so much more than pull weeds and water plants. Gardening connects our girls with the reality of where food comes from and encourages inquisitive minds to seek answers and make observations. Come to the Camp River Ranch garden and learn exactly what it means to be “green!”

Remember, girls: Change comes from changing your thoughts. It's all about realizing you can do things you never thought you could, and recognizing the role you have in helping to make your world a better place. Even a seed starts out small. But with a little water and the right attention, it can’t do anything except grow!
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