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 Letter from our CEO, Megan Ferland

We just released our 2011-2012 report to the community!  Read a letter included in the report from our CEO, Megan Ferland. 

Let’s Inspire!

I officially have a full year under my belt as CEO of Girl Scouts of Western Washington, and what a year it’s been! What I’ve seen our girls accomplish is nothing short of inspiring.

That’s the takeaway I’d like to share with you in our 2011-2012 Report to the Community: Inspiration.

Girl Scouts inspire others to make a difference. Whether through learning about emergency preparedness and then making kits for those in need, or donating their time and resources to restoring watersheds in order to protect salmon, people are paying attention. One of the biggest things Girl Scouts are known for (besides cookies, of course!) is the mark they make in their communities. By connecting with others, Girl Scouts strengthen their own character—like the troop who made a quilt as a gift of appreciation to the Family Education and Support Services Center in Olympia. By going out of their comfort zone to do something they wouldn’t normally do, girls develop confidence that helps them take even bigger leaps—such as attending the Girls’ World Forum in Chicago, discussing the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, then giving a speech to 150 Girl Scout staff about their experience! By asking others for help on their journey, girls develop the courage needed to make big things happen.

ARpic.jpgThis kind of inspiration didn’t just happen in a year. It happens every day, and has for as long as Girl Scouts has been around. The only difference is it keeps getting better! From my view as CEO, and my view as the mother of an 11-year-old Girl Scout, I’m so proud to watch the ways in which girls are challenged, encouraged and supported in their Girl Scout journey, whatever that journey may look like.

With your help, we can continue to support generations of girls in finding the courage, confidence and character they need to not only go after their dreams, but to make sure they come true. In my world, there’s nothing more inspiring than that!