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 Ways To Thank A Volunteer

Attention Girl Scouts and families! Learn ways to show your appreciation!

Girl Scouts, families and the entire Girl Scout community have a wonderful opportunity to join with all of us at Girl Scouts of Western Washington in thanking our fantastic volunteers who help girls experience Girl Scouts’ amazing program.

Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 15-21!

Parents, Girl Scouts and family members are needed to help girls recognize Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Please ask your girls how they would like to say thank you to troop leaders and other volunteers. You may also want to connect with the other parents and guardians in the troop to see how all the girls can get involved in starting a tradition of recognizing these amazing leaders during Volunteer Appreciation Week or anytime of the year! Remember, leaders are working with girls to achieve the following outcomes, using Girl Scouts’ nationally tested and proved program models:

  • Develop positive values like those reflected in the Girl Scout Law and Promise.
  • Gain practical life skills such as decision-making, problem-solving and financial literacy through the Girl Scout Cookie Sale for example.
  • Develop or enhance healthy relationships with their peers and other adults outside their family by participating in their own troop and by taking part in larger group activities. 
  • Learn to resolve conflicts that are a natural part of life, by having leaders help them learn to work effectively with other girls in their Girl Scout troop toward a common goal.
  • Feel empowered to make a difference in the world by taking part in community service and service learning projects.
  • Educate and inspire others to act by learning about themselves and their world through the great Girl Scout materials and sharing what they’ve learned and what they’re doing with others.

Say thank you in a creative way using these ideas:

  • Make thank you cards
  • Make dinner for leaders and other volunteers
  • Hold a tea party or other fun event
  • Make a paper flower bouquet or other hand-crafted gift
  • Get a gift certificate for coffee or other favorite treat
  • Have a yard work party
  • Each girl could write a thank you letter or poem/or other form of self-expression
  • To learn more ways to thank a volunteer, nominate them for recognition! 

We want to take this time to thank girls, families, volunteers and the entire Girl Scout community for everything they do to make Girl Scouts such an amazing experience!