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 Help Our Horses Become Girl Scouts!

Horse_Roo.jpgMeet Roo! Roo LOVES to live at Girl Scout Camp River Ranch during the summers! He gets to hang out with Girl Scouts all day, taking them on rides, get brushed and dressed for a day full of fun adventures!

Roo and all his horse friends at Camp River Ranch and Camp St. Albans have the chance to become full-fledged Girl Scouts, not just summer-time friends! But, we need YOUR help to buy them
(Roo tried to pay his membership in carrots, but it didn’t go through!).

We need to raise $60,000 for Roo and his 36 pals to become
Girl Scouts, and to bring all their equipment with them.
We’ve already raised over $10,000 from amazing troops, individuals and organizations like you throughout western Washington.

Make a donation today!

Here’s what your contribution can do:

  • $1,500 can purchase a horse for our Girl Scout Camps
  • $1,000 can purchase a pony for our Girl Scout Camps
  • $500 can purchase a complete set of tack for one horse
  • $250 can purchase a saddle for one horse
  • $100 can purchase a bridle for one horse
  • $50 can purchase a halter for one horse

As the Girl Scout year comes to an end, think about donating your left-over troop money to the horses and have a lasting impact in the Girl Scout universe!

    Want to picnic with the horses?
    Four troops have already donated $1,000 to have a picnic with the horses!  Troops 43742, 41107, 41236 and 43269 will spend the afternoon snacking and enjoying the sun with Roo and his friends! Join them in a major gift to have the same experience for your troop! 
    Make your gift today to schedule your picnic!

    Hang your troop number in the Horse Barn!

    We’ll commemorate every gift above $500 with a horseshoe engraved with your troop number or family name to hang in the horse barn at either Camp River Ranch or Camp St. Albans (your choice!).  Be a part of horse camp for years to come and girls on horseback will know who had such an impact on our HORSE (Helping Our Riders Succeed Everyday) program!

    For more information, contact Sue Ramsey  at (206) 826-2188.