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 Thank You, Molly Moon for Celebrating our 100th Anniversary!

Thank you, Molly Moon for your commitment to celebrating Girl Scouts' 100th Anniversary with us!

We greatly appreciate you providing the public with free scoops of Scout Mint ice cream all day to commemorate the 100th year of Girl Scouting on March 12. You made the occasion a memorable one!

To add to the event, Girl Scouts sold cookies outside of Molly Moon shops in Capitol Hill, Queen Anne and Wallingford. Girls faced dismal weather −rain and cold− but all the while they were singing and dancing! Molly Moon herself participated in a spontaneous song and dance created by troop #42276 selling cookies outside of the Capitol Hill shop!  Click here to watch a short video of this dance!

As a former Girl Scout, Molly Moon is truly a wonderful inspiration to Girl Scouts of what they can accomplish!

"I learned so much as a Girl Scout," Molly says. "I want girls everywhere to know that they can do anything they want to do with their lives, and that's probably the biggest thing Girl Scouting taught me. I attended 11 years of Girl Scout camp at Camp Alice Pittenger in McCall, Idaho, and learned valuable life lessons I still use as an adult from Girl Scouting and from camp. Things like, 'always leave a place better than when you found it' influence the way I treat the planet as well as a friend’s kitchen after a dinner party. Lessons like 'make new friends, but keep the old' has certainly been true as I make new friends every day with ice cream, but stay connected to the people who've helped me from the start, and the business acumen I acquired while selling Girl Scout Cookies to get scholarships to camp have served me well every day of my adult life!”

Girl Scouts of Western Washington is proud to partner with Molly Moon to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting. In the last four years alone, Molly has purchased more than 12,000 boxes from Girl Scouts of Western Washington troops to make her famous Scout Mint ice cream, said to be one of her top three best-selling flavors!

"We respect and admire Molly for many reasons," says Stefanie Ellis, PR Director for Girl Scouts of Western Washington, "but admire her most for the fact that she is a strong female role model for girls. Her passion for the environment mirrors Girl Scouts' commitment to making the world a better place. Molly has proven that no dream is too big, and is living proof that Girl Scouts empowers girls to learn leadership skills and gain the confidence they need to make a difference in their communities – whether through ice cream, politics, medicine, technology, science or anything else!"