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 Happy Trails for Scouts and Salmon

We’re refurbishing a road at Camp Lyle McLeod

We’re making sure the girls that use the camp are safe and that the salmon that also live there are not negatively impacted by our camp.  It’s all a part of our responsibility to our girls and to the world around us.  We need to raise $30,000 to refurbish the road in summer 2013. Please donate now to help build happy trails for Girl Scouts and salmon!
Why a new road?

This past year, the Department of Natural lylemcleodcanoes.jpgResources (DNR) reviewed the salmon culverts under the emergency access road out of Camp Lyle McLeod and concluded that they are no longer effective in allowing salmon to pass under the road to their spawning ground.  Since it's a secluded road in the forest, the most effective way to fix the problem is to close the road and let the creek take back the right of way as the road washed away.  But our camp and our girls need that road, so we’re taking on responsibility for its rejuvenation!
To maintain our high safety standards, our policy states that all of our camps must have at least two roads to be used for evacuations in case of emergencies. We need this road as a backup in case of a fire or other evacuation emergency. (For example, if there was a forest fire near camp and the main road is blocked.)  The road is currently open and all campers are safe, but to maintain the safety of the girls and keep Camp Lyle McLeod open, we need to replace the culverts.
A culvert is a pipe that passes under a road to ensure that water (and salmon!) can pass through.  The young salmon need these culverts to migrate to the salt water to live their adult lives, and adult salmon need the culverts to return to the streams where they were born to give life to the next generation of salmon in western Washington. As keen environmental stewards, we recognize the need to protect our salmon population and have a smaller impact on the environment we share. To that end, we're raising money to help restore and improve the road at Camp Lyle McLeod so everyone can use the facility safely and the salmon's habitat is protected.
Please donate today to help reach our goal of $30,000 to rejuvenate the road at Camp Lyle McLeod.
For more information, please contact Sue Ramsey at SueSR@girlscoutsww.org or (206) 826-2188.