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 Girl Scouts Respond to Joplin Tornado

Talk about taking action! We heard from Girl Scouts of Western Washington Troop Program Manager, Shannon Lippert, about some amazing generosity displayed by service units and troops in the Southwest counties region of Washington.

Here's what she told us:
"Service units and troops from Southwest counties recently made a substantial donation to Girl Scouts in Joplin who were victims of the tornado that took place on May 22, 2011. The effort arose when Acasha Mick, SU 604, spoke with her friend Marley Hoggatt who is a staff member with the Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartlands and was based in Joplin. Marley described the nightmare before her eyes and Acasha felt compelled to act. Acasha discussed this at the June manager’s meeting, and suggested a drive to be held at the DuPont Girl Scout Center to collect needed items. All managers were on board and it just so happened that one of them was travelling to Springfield, Missouri, at the end of June to visit family, and offered to take in a suitcase of items collected.

We ended the collection on June 28 when the other volunteer, Lisa Sater, SU 615, would be picking up items to take to Springfield. When Lisa arrived it was to our great surprise to see a mountain of donations. Lisa had only offered to take a suitcase full, so again the service unit managers sprung into action, collecting money to ship the remainder of items to the Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartlands office in Springfield. In addition to the suitcase Lisa took, donations filled five boxes! Kari Hertter, SU 627, came and collected the boxes and shipped them on July 7! Because the donations are being sent directly to the Girl Scout council, rather than through the Red Cross, all donations collected are going directly to Girl Scouts in Joplin! 

Although I didn’t take a full inventory, here is a list of some of the items sent:
Girl Scout badges
Girl Scout vests and sashes
Two Journeys
Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Shampoo and conditioner
Socks and underwear
Hats and sunglasses
Backpacks (some filled with school supplies)
Stuffed animals

I’m truly honored to work with such caring and devoted volunteers and girl members!"
-Shannon Lippert, Troop Program Manager, Girl Scouts of Western Washington