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 Environmental and Outdoor Education

Girls participating in Girl Scouts of Western Washington programs are exposed to and develop an appreciation of the outdoors. They grow an awareness and understanding of the environment and its challenges, with an emphasis on personal responsibility and an overarching vision that girls become committed to being environmental stewards.

Forever Green Challenge

In 2012, Girl Scouts celebrated our 100th year of developing girls into leaders in their community who have a strong sense of their values and a lifelong commitment to stewardship of their community and environment. From October 2011 through September 2012, girls were invited to take the Forever Green Challenge and learn about our impact on the world and be inspired to adopt new practices that protect the earth. Each month girls participated in activities that save energy, protect our local water sources, reduce waste, learn about where their food comes from, as well as how to grow healthy, nutritious foods. Each of these experiences will challenge girls to discover more, make good choices and change their habits in order to contribute to a healthy planet. See each month's Forever Green Challenege activities here.