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 College Readiness

Girls who participate in Girl Scouts develop behaviors, values and skills that support academic success. Our College-Readiness Programs incorporate a mix of life skills (applying for college, financial aid study skills) with behaviors that support academic success and exposure to future careers.

Girl Scouting in the School Day reaches girls in low-income schools in Seattle and Tacoma, during school, by partnering with teachers and administrators to support a variety of subjects, such as math, science, leadership and life skills, while also promoting student engagement. These programs build self-esteem and leadership skills to support students during key transitions  through middle and high school.

Girl Scouts Skills for Life reaches girls living in public housing communities – many of whom are immigrants with limited access to out-of-school activities – with programs that focus on college readiness and skills such as time and stress management, how to make healthy and safe choices and how to investigate careers.