Girl Scouts of the USA’s advocacy efforts focus on informing and educating key representatives of the government's legislative and executive branches about issues important to girls and Girl Scouting and lobbying for increased resources.

Girl Scouts' advocacy priorities are to:

  • Encourage girls' healthy living through combating Relational Aggression and promoting girl-positive media images
  • Promote girls' involvement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
  • Give a voice to girls in underserved communities
  • Ensure girls feel emotionally and physically safe
  • Prevent youth violence in communities
  • Develop girls’ financial literacy skills

 Girl Scout Advocacy Network

The Girl Scout Advocacy Network provides a tool for you to help elevate the voices of girls and make a difference in your community and across the nation.

Girl Scout members, volunteers, boards, staff and supporters can educate policymakers and community leaders on issues that directly affect girls and the Girl Scouts. By being an advocate, you will have an impact on girl policy issues that are moving through Congress and state legislatures.

Sign up today at and begin to take action. Through this network, you can use your voice and encourage your members of Congress to support legislation that will directly impact girls and Girl Scouts.