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 Issues Facing Girls

...and how you can help them work through it all

Girl Scouts of Western Washington regularly explores different themes that directly impact the girls we serve. 

Current issues under discussion:

Girls and Body Image
Many girls are increasingly obsessed with achieving the unattainable beauty ideal they see every day in thousands of images and messages in magazines, TV, billboards and the internet. This has an affect on their body image, self esteem, participation in activities and more. How can Girl Scout leaders help girls overcome these challenges?

Empowering Girls Against Bullying Behavior
Bullying is a very real problem for girls today. Almost every girl has either seen one, knows one or is one. As leaders and role models, how do we empower girls to resist bullying tactics and help those who suffer silently under the influence of a bully at school or in the community? More specifically, how do we handle girls in different age categories, since needs and behaviors vary at each stage of development? Learn more about what we're doing to Power Up against bullying by visiting the Power Up webpage.

Stages of Girl Development
Exploring the changes girls go through from Kindergarten through 5th grade. There is incredible variety in skill, ability, and thought processes between girls of different grades – even between girls of the same age! While it can be challenging to keep up with girls’ rapid changes, it is also incredibly rewarding to see girls change and grow right before your eyes.

Gender Roles and Civic Leadership
A study launched by the Girl Scout Research Institute reveals that girls have gained an increased awareness of the barriers that face women, as well as an improved sense of their own abilities and potential to overcome those obstacles.

Supporting Girls Through Transition
Respect. Organization. Order. These are the things all girls should aspire to when in a troop meeting, or when interacting with each other in a group setting. Once this understanding is achieved, girl-led programming can blossom.

Healthy Relationships
Interacting with girls who may be prone to gossip, cliques or inappropriate behavior can be tough on girls. Learn more about the resources available to both girls and their facilitators by viewing the age-specific links from Girl Scouts of the USA.

Relational Aggression
Covert aggression between our children is escalating. Learn more about what relational aggression is, why it should worry us, where to find more resources, and how you can help.

Stages of Teen Development
Exploring the development of girls in grades 6–12. Using research conducted by GSUSA, we will look at what girls in and out of Girl Scouts say is important to them, and ways that we—as trusted adults in their lives—can help them be successful.

Have an idea for an article about the issues facing girls today? Please contact Stefanie Ellis.