Healthy Relationships

Dealing with cliques, gossip or uncomfortable interactions with others?

In the Healthy Relationships Resources below, you'll find links to the Girl Scouts of the USA website, along with facilitator guides, all broken into age categories, that touch upon important issues girls are facing today.

Grades 6-8 (Girl Scout Cadette)

Middle school can be a blast, but also has its rough spots – dealing with cliques, gossip, crushes, and all kinds of relationship drama. Check out Sister to Sister: The Darker Side of Friendship, a new Girl Scouts feature that deals with issues like bullying, relational aggression, cyber bullying and romantic relationships. This cool, interactive piece includes video and provides you and your friends with chances to navigate the pages anyway you'd like! There are also activities you can download and complete offline as part of this experience.

Click here for a facilitator guide for Cadettes.

Grades 9-10 (Girl Scout Senior)

High school provides so many opportunities for you to explore who you want to be! In WeBlog: Relationship Matrix, you will meet seven girls who have blogged about the unique issues in their lives, including being the "new" girl, driving a car, helping a friend in crisis and feeling like an outcast. The WeBlog Guide contains activities that follow each girl's story, and can be downloaded as printable resources or viewed on the screen. The Emoticon E-Journal lives behind each of the seven emoticons on the WeBlog: Relationship Matrix homepage, and contains ideas and activities for you to complete offline. There's also a page dedicated to earning your Silver Award!

Click here for a facilitator guide for Seniors.

Grades 11-12 (Girl Scout Ambassador)

How have you made the world a better place? What are you plans for future action? Check out The Catalyst Channel, a new Girl Scout video feature that introduces you to eight young women who share their personal stories about how they are making a difference in their communities. There are six sections featuring these girls discussing different topics, a Gold Award section and downloadable tips from them, ranging from environmental stewardship to resume and interview tips, to how to be a successful mentor. After each girl speaks, there is a "Respond" question for you to chat with your friends about what you've heard and a "Reflect" question for you to think and talk about your personal connection to these or similar topics.

Click here for a facilitator guide for Ambassadors.