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 Families and Cookies

Be a Part of the Biggest Girl-Led Business in the World!
The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a seasonal, optional activity in dad-daughter-cookies.jpgwhich Daisy through Ambassador troops voluntarily participate as a way to raise money for troop activities. For many girls, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is their first entrepreneurial venture and helps foster a sense of achievement that resonates far into the future. Girl Scout cookies are only sold for three short weeks, but the benefits for girls last throughout their entire lives.  Many of today’s successful businesswomen credit their professional accomplishments to their early start in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Because of this experience, they learned how to be members of a team, work toward a common goal, interact with customers in a professional manner, follow through on a commitment, and strive to do their best. 


 Check out this fun Daisy cookie video!

What role does our family have in Girl Scout Cookie activities?
A family can help their girl by:  
  • Giving permission for her to sell Girl Scout cookies by filling out the Parent Permission and Financial Responsibility Form.
  • Attending the cookie activity training for her troop.
  • Helping her set and meet her personal goal(s) and her troop’s goals.
  • Helping her observe all safety rules and guidelines outlined in materials provided by Girl Scouts of Western Washington.
  • Helping her understand that you will be working with her in a supportive role; adults, however, should not assume sole responsibility for selling cookies.
  • Helping to network with colleagues so that she can contact co-workers and family members to purchase cookies.
  • Providing transportation to cookie events or special sales areas, like those outside a grocery store.
  • Providing a safe place for the money collected, as well as frequent drop-offs of money to the cookie manager.
  • Paying for any cookies eaten at home.

Where does the money earned from the Girl Scout Cookie Program go?
The best way to understand where the money goes is by picturing a cookie. A piece of the cookie goes to pay the baker for making the product. Another piece goes to the local Girl Scout council to support Girl Scouts in its area, and a third piece goes directly to the group selling the cookies.

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