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Makerspace Open Time 10am-Noon at the Seattle Office

Sat Mar 07, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST
Makerspace, Seattle Office - 5601 6th Avenue South Suite 150, Seattle, WA, 98108 Map
$5 per Girl Scout, registration required
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Join us in the fully-stocked Girl Scouts of Western Washington Seattle MAKERSPACE for self-directed Open Time. Have a specific Maker-machine you’ve been curious to try out? Or a project that a specific tool could really help with? Or just come explore the space and see what materials inspire you!

Open Time is unstructured self-directed time. Registrants have access to all the tools and materials in the Makerspace to create and explore as they want. Come with a project in mind or get inspired on the spot. Two facilitators will be on hand to help get participants set up on any projects or equipment, but ability to work one-on-one is limited and depends on demand.
This time is exclusively for Girl Scouts. Stay tuned for occasional "Friend & Family" sessions in the future.

For more information about what is available in the Makerspace and what projects can be completed during Open Time, clcik here:

Please only register participants you have already confirmed plan to/can attend. Space in this event is limited. You may prevent fellow Girl Scouts from having this opportunity if you register before checking if your participants can/plan to attend.
Cost: $5 per Girl Scout Youth. Participants must register in advance. Two 2-hour sessions are available during the day. Participants may register in advance for multiple sessions in order to complete different or longer projects.

Drop Off:
Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors need to be accompanied by an adult. (Adults do not need to register.)
Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can be dropped off. IF DROPPING OFF MUST BRING SIGNED COPY OF:

If participating as a troop—safety ratio guidelines should be followed.
Registration Deadline: 2/27/20
Cancellations received after the published registration deadline are not refundable.

Tools & Materials
  • The registration fee covers fair use of the Makerspace, tools, and materials during the session time. We ask attendees to be cooperative with each other and “Use Resources Wisely�?.  Unused materials will not be taken from the space.
  • Use of specific tools or materials or quantities of materials cannot be guaranteed or reserved in advance.
  • Limit one laser cut project per person, per day (limit about 6 square inches of material). We will try and accommodate custom requests, depending on time and assuring all attendees who want a project can complete one during session time first, before beginning potentially longer-need projects.
  • We will 3D print projects in order. 3D printing is time consuming and most projects designed during Open Time will not be printed during session—we will print & mail finished projects after workshop if wanted.
  • Outside materials or tools may be brought in by attendees.
  • For more information about what is available in the Makerspace and what projects can be completed during Open Time,  click here:
  • Girl Scouts of Western Washington is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by anything “made�? within the Makerspace.
  • GSWW will provide protective gear (goggles, gloves, paint smocks, etc) & basic instruction of proper/safe procedure, but is not responsible for any damage to clothing or injury.
  • The Makerspace includes tools and materials such as: sewing needles, scissors, hand saws, cutting blades, plyers, power tools, soldering irons, hot glue guns, etc.
  • By registering you are agreeing the registered Girl Scout is allowed to use the Makerspace and materials and tools within. Younger Girl Scouts supervision and safety is the responsibility of their attending adult.
  • Older Girl Scouts (Cadette, Senior, Ambassador), if dropped off, will be responsible for themselves and their own safety and decisions. Drop Off attendees must bring a copy of their Permissions and Health History form.