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Volunteer with a Service Unit


What is a Service Unit?

A service unit is a community of volunteers and families in a smaller geographic area usually defined by a cluster of zip codes within a council. The service unit provides a local support system for troops and independent members by facilitating training, mentorship, programs, and product program support.

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington Council is made up of 80 service units. Get involved with your service unit with roles including the ones listed below and more!


Service Unit Volunteer Roles:

Service Unit Manager*
Service Unit Managers are responsible for recruiting, supporting, and guiding a team of service unit volunteers to deliver a quality Girl Scout experience for Girl Scout members in their community.

Service Unit Product Manager*
Service Unit Product Managers provide support to their troops during Fall Product and/or Cookie Sales in a variety of ways. From being the first point of contact for Troop Product Managers and Individually Registered Members (IRMs) to distributing rewards, the Service Unit Product Manager is a go-to person during seasonal sales.

Service Unit Treasurer
Service Unit Treasurers maintain and report on the service unit finances in accordance with Girl Scout of Western Washington policies.

Service Unit School Organizer
School Organizers act as a coordinator for Girl Scouts in a specific school by establishing a relationship with the designated school and sharing information about Girl Scouts with families interested in joining.

Service Unit Community Liaison*
Service Unit Community Liaisons promote awareness of the Girl Scout program by partnering with Girl Scouts of Western Washington staff to coordinate recruitment efforts within the service unit.

Service Unit Outdoor Champion
Outdoor Champions promote, teach, mentor, and support volunteers in providing nature-based activities and outdoor skills to Girl Scouts—a huge part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience! This can include teaching volunteers the outdoor skills they need to take Girl Scouts camping and creating outdoor opportunities for our members.

*This role requires additional online training.


Ready to Volunteer?

If you’d like to speak with someone about volunteering with a service unit, please contact your Service Unit Manager or our Customer Care team at or 1(800) 541-9852!