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Other Volunteer Roles

Other Volunteer Roles

There are so many ways to volunteer with Girl Scouts beyond being a troop leader—and we’re here to help you succeed in whatever role you take on. Check out volunteer learning workshops and online modules for specific roles. All online modules are accessible to active volunteers through gsLearn. To access gsLearn, log into MyGS. (If you do not see a gsLearn option after logging into MyGS, please contact us.)

Service Unit Manager
Outdoor Specialist 

Volunteers who aren't troop leaders can serve as a troop's outdoor specialist and help girls get outside! Here are more details on the training you need for this role. The Outdoor Specialist learning path (on gsLearn) contains the following required courses:

  • Required Prerequisites: Girl Scout Program, Volunteer Essentials
  • Day Trip Planning: If you’re going on a field trip away from your meeting site for four or more hours, you'll need to complete this course. Prerequisites: Girl Scout Program, Volunteer Essentials
  • Basic Overnights: If you are having an overnight of no more than two nights (or three nights if over a long weekend) where girls will be sleeping and cooking primarily indoors. Prerequisite: Day Trip Planning
  • Outdoor Overnight: To sleep outdoors and take a trip for two nights or less, attend an in-person Outdoor Overnight Workshop. For those volunteers with extensive outdoor experience in the Pacific Northwest as well as significant outdoor leadership experience with children, we provide an equivalency process. You can apply for the equivalency process on gsLearn by completing the assessment in the Outdoor Equivalency course. Prerequisite: Basic Overnights
Volunteer Facilitator or Coach
  • Facilitating Adult Learning: Email us to schedule a short interview. Afterward, we’ll send you a link to register for the Facilitating Adult Learning workshop.
  • Coach Preparation Workshop: The in-person Volunteer Coach Workshop will teach you coaching skills, strategies, resources, and problem solving techniques.
Highest Awards Facilitator
  • Take Action Module: What does it actually mean for a Girl Scout to Take Action? Find out by completing the Take Action online course on gsLearn.
  • Gold Award Orientation: Get an overview of the Gold Award process with the Gold Award Online Orientation.
  • Highest Award Workshops: Learn the ins and outs of how Girl Scouts tackle a Highest Award project at the in-person Gold Award Workshop or the in-person Silver Award 101 Workshop.
Robotics Coach or Mentor
  • Robotics Coach Interview: Email us to schedule a short interview. After that, we'll send you more program-specific learning resources.
Volunteer-Led Camp Volunteer

Email Volunteer-Led Camping Director if you are interested in volunteering at a Day, Twilight or Community Camp. There are opportunities all over the council. More information on locations can be found here

Roles include everything from day volunteer to core planning team or camp director. Depending on your position or on the type of camp you’re interested in, you’ll need to take one of the following workshops, which are usually offered once a year. These workshops are required for camp directors, but are also great for the rest of your leadership team:

  • In-person Planning Weekend Camps Workshop
  • In-person Planning Day and Twilight Camps Workshop 
  • In-person Planning Community Camps Workshop
Camp Health Supervisor
  • First Aid/CPR: You can find a class near you (fire stations, hospital, parks and recreation and colleges often offer courses), check out chapter four in Volunteer Essentials for more information.
  • Large Group First Aider Course: Complete the online course on gsLearn to learn everything you need to know about this role.
Certified Specialist

For Archery Instructor, Small Craft Safety, and Quantity Cooking volunteer positions, we offer in-person certification workshops throughout the year.