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Volunteer Spotlight Program Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Spotlight Program Resources

For your convenience, we offer direct links to Spotlight Strategies and other resources right here on our website!

Take Action Plan

Our Take Action Plan is a tool to help you transform any of our Spotlight resources into reality by writing a SMART Goal and drafting a ‘To-Do List’. Click here to access our Take Action Plan!

Virtual & Hybrid Troop Resources

Resources by Module

1.1 Spotlight on Small Groups

1.2 Spotlight on Feedback

1.5 Spotlight on Encouraging Engagement

1.6 Spotlight Deep Dive - Resilience

2.2 Spotlight on Sharing Our Cultures

2.6 Spotlight on Diversity

2.3 Spotlight on White Dominant Culture

3.2 Spotlight on Fun With Purpose

3.3 Spotlight on Girl Scouts Making Decisions

3.4 Spotlight on Being Girl-Led

4.1 Spotlight on Being Hands-On

4.2 Spotlight on Girl Scouts Leading

4.3 Spotlight on Modeling

4.4 Spotlight on Goal Setting

4.5 Spotlight on Reflection

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