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We've got lots of fun activities that you can schedule for your troop or group of Girl Scout friends. Check 'em out!


Schedule an Activity: at Camp!

Schedule an Activity: at Camp St. Albans

If you don't find what you're looking for on our activities calendar, don't fret! Fill out this online form to request an activity at camp. Please note, a request does not guarantee program availability! 

Schedule an Activity: at Camp River Ranch

If you don't find what you're looking for on our activities calendar, don't fret! Fill out this online form to request an activity at camp. Please note, a request does not guarantee program availability! 


All Regions: We Come to You! 

Developing Healthy Relationships

During a troop meeting, develop valuable relationship skills and earn part of your aMAZE Journey. Learn how to set boundaries, use I-Statements to resolve conflict and navigate peer pressure.

To schedule, call Robin @ (425) 922-3048 or

$40 for adult and daughter

Fearless Voices Workshop

In this 90-minute interactive workshop, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can learn excerises that focus on body, breath and voice so that you are relaxed, in control, and confident when you step in front of the crowd!

Schedule: or (206) 794-2239 (minimum of 8 girls, maximum of 12) 

Girls: $35

Growing Up Gracefully

During a troop meeting, learn all about puberty! Discover what to expect, how to manage feelings, develop healthy friendships and grow up with confidence. Girls also earn a fun patch!

To schedule, call Robin @ (425) 922-3048 or

$40 for adult and daughter

Highest Awards Learning

We offer many different ways for both youth and adults to learn about the Highest Awards process and guidelines. None of them are required, and we provide several different options as a way to meet different learning styles, schedules and needs of various participants.

Request a Learning Session Now!

Magical Manners

Miss MiMi Manners offers workshops for students ages 4 to their tweens in social manners and table etiquette, as well as online and digital etiquette for older girls.  Teach-your-own kits are also available!

For more information and to register, please visit or contact Miss MiMi Manners at (206)321-1502.

Girls: $20

Mental Health Awareness

With the increase in youth bullying, suicide and drug use, Girl Scouts are actively fighting to create change. Through a program to educate and reduce the stigma of mental illness, Girl Scouts can earn the Mental Health Awareness Patch developed by us for playing a positive role in their communities. Learn more.

Observe! Patch Program

The Observe! Patch’s main goal is to develop civically engaged voices of girls and young women that lead to local and global action in the places they care about. The girls and young women will participate in a community-based patch program, learn about cities, and develop skills that will amplify their voices as they engage in place-based, creative action. Learn more on the Observe! Patch Program website or through the informational flyer here

Self Defense for Girls

Self-Defense for Girls:  Simple and effective life skills to increase safety against violence and abuse

In this class, girls will learn to recognize “red flags” that someone may mean harm, plan safe exits from iffy situations, practice physical moves (just in case), and learn to find supportive self-care. All in age-appropriate language and concepts.

Classes can be set up for any Girl Scout age group. Classes for girls still in elementary school are 1.5 to 2 hours (and a parent should also be there), for tween girls (ages 10-12) are 2.5 hours, for teen girls 3 hours, and a special class for Girls off to College is 3.5 hours.

We can come to you, or you can come to our space in Seattle's International District.


  • $35 grades K-3
  • $40 grades 4-5 
  • $50 for tween girls
  • $65 for teen girls
  • $75 for Girls off to College. 

Financial assistance is available to any girl in need.

Learn More 

Science Workshops

We offer 19 different science workshops for Daisies through Cadettes. Learn about green energy, explore the solar system, or build and launch a rocket! Participants will earn a unique patch for each workshop they attend.

Schedule by 4 weeks prior: learn more about science workshops!

Girls: $14/Adults: Free

Strong Girls Patch Program

Calling all Girl Scout troop leaders! Are you interested in making your troop meetings healthier and more engaging?

The Strong Girls Healthy Meeting patch that can be purchased for troops at all levels—Daisies to Ambassadors. This easy patch program helps Girl Scouts make healthy habits become the norm during troop meetings and spread these great habits to their friends, family, and community.

Help your girls reach their full potential by reinforcing healthy habits. Check out the new Strong Girl Healthy Meeting patch program!

SUN Patch Program

Solar United Neighbors has developed the SUN Patch Program that can be implemented by any girl scout troop across the United States! While earning the SUN patch, Girl Scouts of all ages can learn about how solar works, discover solar energy at work around them, and become solar ambassadors to help grow solar in their communities. Learn more.

Your Voice Your World Journey

Attention Ambassadors! Do you enjoy technology and have a need to get a jump-start on your Gold Award? Engage Thru Tech makes it easy for you to earn the Your Voice Your World journey within your busy schedule. Contact us with your location and availability and we will help you to schedule a custom journey workshop piggybacked onto one of our open workshops. Here’s how it works: first, we guide you through some “pre-work” to “discover connect” about the journey’s topic. Then, we help you to determine an open workshop that you can join where the other participants are making the types of videos that you want (such as green screen or animation) for your “take action” project. Find our Girl Scouts of Western Washington schedule here.


King County Region

Adopt-a-Trail: Camp River Ranch

Camp River Ranch has miles of beautiful trails where your troop can leave their mark! Come work with River Ranch Staff to do basic trail maintenance and leave your mark at camp.

Schedule by 3 weeks prior:

Girls: $8.50/Adults: Free

Canoe Our Waters: Camp River Ranch

A six-level, progressive experience that teaches canoe paddling technique, water safety, and culminates in an overnight canoe camping trip. Most levels and open practice can be specifically scheduled for your troop of girls in grades 4-12.

Schedule by 3 weeks prior:

Girls & Adults: $19-52.50

Climbing 101: Camp River Ranch

Looking for a troop activity that allows for individual challenge as well as group support? Bring your troop to the Camp River Ranch climbing wall where girls will learn the basics of climbing under the guidance of highly-trained staff. This program encourages goal setting, personal growth, and team-building. This is a three-hour experience scheduled from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. or 1:00-4:00 p.m.

For more information or to schedule email:

Girls/Adults: $178 for group of up to 15

Computer Science Workshops: Seattle App Academy

Seattle App Academy is pleased to offer exclusive workshops for Girl Scouts. We provide a variety of computer science lessons in our West Seattle classroom for Juniors and Cadettes, including: Intro to Code, Pixel Art, Digital Crafts, Electronics and more!

To schedule, contact Michael Mage at

Girls: $20-30 (varies by lesson) / Adults: Free.

Fairies, S’mores, and More: Camp River Ranch

Come to River Ranch for a sampling of camp activities for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts. Arts and crafts, nature, garden, and games are just some of the possibilities! The program can be specially tailored to your troop’s interests and troops can request to schedule their own date!

Schedule by 3 weeks prior:

Girls: $8.50/Adults: Free

High Challenge Experience: Camp River Ranch

Check out our new high challenge course! During this six hour program your group will work together on goals that you and the facilitator set. Start with group games and initiatives, experience the low challenge course, and work your way up to a high element.

For more information or to schedule email:

Girls/Adults: $420 for group of up to 15 (minimum six participants)

Horse Fun: Camp River Ranch

Come meet the camp horses! You’ll have a one hour ground lesson learning about horse care, grooming, anatomy, and safety. Then, you’ll enjoy an hour-long arena lesson. Helmets and boots are provided! This event is for participants 4th grade and older.

Schedule by 3 weeks prior: 

$39 Girls/Adults

Kayak Our Waters - Camp River Ranch

Kayak Our Waters is a three-level, progressive experience that teaches kayak paddling technique, and boating safety. Level 1 starts with basic paddling technique, and in Level 2 participants learn capsize rescues (participants must be able to swim).

Schedule by 3 weeks prior:

Girls & Adults: $19-27

Multi-Media Journey Workshops and Badges

Engage Thru Tech offers workshops with a blend of computers and experiential activities for badges and journeys! In these custom workshops, they bring all the equipment to the location and time of your choice.

Playing the Past: Museum of Flight

Step back in time to the world of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), brave women who served the United States during World War II. During this 4-hour program, you will take on the character of a real WASP, learn about her life, and create a costume piece to take home. To top it all off, plan a flight for an airplane your WASP flew, then pilot that flight in our professional-grade flight simulators. Playing the Past badge, program materials, and Museum admission included.

Minimum 12 participants/Maximum 32 participants

$18/participant; chaperones free at the 1:5 ratio (additional chaperones may register at the rate of $10/chaperone)

Contact 206-764-1384 or email Learn more here

Smart with Art

Smart with Art is a mobile art education company founded in 2011 and bringing art to over 150 schools in Washington state. They have specific curriculum that exceeds both the national and state standards in art education, and have designed badge programs for brownies and Juniors! Their custom 2 hour Smart with Art workshops will come right to your troop meeting.

Brownie badges available: Potter, Digital Arts, Artist
Junior badges available: Jewler, Drawing

Contact Amy Frieman to schedule your Smart with Art workshop: 425-420-2677 or

STEM Learning

STEM Learning is pleased to offer Girl Scouts workshops on a variety math, robotics, and programming topoics in their Bellevue classroom. Programs are offered for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes, and includes "Think Like a Programmer," "Robotics," Python coding workshops, and more!

To schedule a workshop, contact Rehan or call (425)961-MATH. Cost is $20-30, and varies by lesson as well as number of participants. Learn more.


Take Aim Levels 1-2: Camp River Ranch

A 3-level archery program that teaches technique and terminology. In addition to finetuning your shooting skills, you can play archery games and have a tournament! Any troop grades 4-12 can schedule their own! 

Schedule 3 weeks prior: 

Girls & Adults: $14

Team Spirit: Camp River Ranch

Team Spirit is an opportunity for your troop to work on the Low Challenge Course at Camp River Ranch to build teamwork, work on communication skills, and encourage leadership qualities. Each experience on the course is unique and the facilitator will craft a program that fits your troop’s goals. This is a three-hour experience scheduled from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. or 1:00-4:00 p.m.

For more information or to schedule email:

Girls/Adults: $178 for group of up to 15

Tree Climbing Experience: Redmond

How fun is it to climb trees! Climb a big one with your troop! Come out and ascend into the canopy of a graceful old Oak or Maple. Learn something new about the ecosystem. Let life slow down, experience "tree time." As you inch your way up the rope system into the leaves you will experience a tree in a whole new way. Climb high or low, fast or slow. Learn more

Cost: $20

Urban Forest Scavenger Hunt

Bridle Trails State Park is a unique 482-acre urban forest with 28 miles of pedestrian and equestrian trails conveniently located between Kirkland, Bellevue and Redmond. Bring your troop for a mile-long walking adventure to search for posted clues about native plants and animals. Scavenger hunt guides provided.

Schedule by 2 weeks prior, available year-round:

Girls & Adults: Free

Yoga and Mindfulness Custom Workshops

Custom Classes for your troop to experience Yoga and Mindfulness (art can also be incorporated). Badges can also be earned. I work with your group to set up an interactive workshop either at your site or mine in Bothell, WA. Cost and size of group depend on length and type of workshop. All ages! Contact Yoga in the Center with questions or for more information! 


North Region

A Beaver's Forest - A Hike in Anacortes

During this fun Adventure, our naturalist Stephanie will guide you through the maze of trails in the Anacortes forestlands in search of beaver signs. You’ll learn about their lives and the important roles they play in maintaining a healthy forest. The 2.1 mi trail is well-maintained, has a few ups and downs and is rooty in places.

Dates: Schedule your own date & time

Times: 9:30 am – 11:30 pm, 1:30 – 3:30 pm daily in the summer. 2:30-4:30 PM Saturdays & Sundays during the school year.

Cost: $26.50 per girl scout/adult (plus taxes & fees)

Group size: 2 min – 6 max (invite other girl scouts, friends & family!)

Meeting location: Seafarer’s Park, Anacortes

For more information visit the Skagit Guide Adventures website here. For any questions or to schedule this opportunity, contact Stephanie Fernandez at

A Horse of Your Own Some Day?: Snohomish

Dream of owning your own horse or pony? Come to the barn and learn what it takes to be a responsible horse owner. Have fun while you learn the basics: grooming, feeding, tacking up, care, and costs. You’ll ride a horse, too! See you soon, partner! 

Schedule by 1 week prior: (425) 418-8484 

Girls: $35/Adults: Free

Animals are Awesome! Pet Patch: Snohomish

Love animals? Earn a pet patch and learn more about responsible pet ownership. Meet a cat, dog, horse, and pony while playing games and winning prizes! Groom, lead, and ride a horse in our indoor arena. Then end the event by feeding carrots to our horses. 

Schedule by 1 week prior: (425) 418-8484 

Girls: $35/Adults: Free 

Badge Workshop & Kids Classes at Jansen Art Center: Lynden

Kids classes at the Jansen Art Center will leave your child inspired! Experience ballet, painting, music, clay, weaving and more. Our instructors teach your young artists the foundation to develop their creativity. We would be happy to arrange a class for your troop to help them earn any of the following badges: musician, jeweler, painting, dancer, textile artist, potter, collage artist, book artist.

Visit for more information and to sign up!

Badge Workshops at Whatcom Humane Society

WHS is pleased to currently offer the following Girl Scout Programs:

Brownie Girl Scout: Pets Badge

Junior Girl Scout: Animal Habitats Badge

Brownie and Junior Programs are 90 minutes in length and are by request only. To schedule for your troop, please e-mail: These programs include the respective badge and have a cost of $7 per Girl Scout with a minimum fee of $35. Adults are free to attend and at least one adult for every six scouts is required to remain on site during the program. Maximum registration is 12 scouts. Larger groups may be accommodated upon request.

Animal Shelter Tours and a basic introduction to WHS’ work are available for all Girl Scouts at no cost. To schedule, please e-mail:

Birding in Skagit Valley

During this fun 2-hr drive around the Skagit Valley’s farm fields, we'll search for the thousands of snow geese & smaller flocks of tundra and trumpeter swans. We'll also be on the lookout for bald eagles, hawks, great blue herons, ducks, and little shorebirds. Our local guide and naturalist Stephanie will teach you how to use binoculars and a field guide to identify them and how to practice Mindful Birding.

Time: 2:30 - 4:30 pm, Saturdays & Sundays, October - March

Cost: $26.50 Girl Scout, $26.50 Parent (plus taxes & fees)

Group size: 2 min - 6 max Adventurers

Meeting location: Mount Vernon Amtrak/Skagit Station

Transportation and binoculars provided.

For more information, please go to the Skagit Guide Adventures website here. If you have any questions contact Stephanie Fernandez at

Bright, Bold, Beautiful YOU! MePowerment Workshops

This hands-on workshop introduces girls to nutrition and how it supports healthy bodies, skin, energy, and stress levels. Girls will engage in a creative and mindful process that will help them implement simple, yet powerful habits into their lifestyle. This 1.5-hour workshop is open to Cadettes-Ambassadors and there is an opportunity to earn the "Eating For You," badge. Cost is $20/girl and discounts are available for groups of more than ten girls. Learn more.

Brownie Pets Badge Workshop: Whidbey Island

Brownies can earn their Pets badge at Whidbey Animals' Improvement Foundation! Tour the new animal shelter, learn about feeding pets,and  how to keep them comfy, well loved, healthy and safe.

$5 or a pet supply donation per girl, 10 girls max per workshop

Email to schedule today!

C.A.R.E. (Compassion for Animals, Respect for Everyone)

Pasado’s Safe Haven would like to invite you out to our 85 acre sanctuary and home to dogs, cats, cows, pigs, chickens, llamas, alpacas, ducks, geese, goats and sheep. Come be part of an educational program geared towards Girl Scouts of any age called C.A.R.E – Compassion for Animals, Respect for Everyone.

Girls leave with a message of kindness and compassion as they interact directly with animals.

$5 per girl, Email to register!

Cloud 9 Art School Badge Workshops

Cloud 9 Art School offers badge workshops and camps in art, nature, textile and wellness. Each workshop takes 2-3 hours and covers the skills required to earn individual badges.

Check out the flyer HERE for more info.

Explore n' Cruise to Vendovi Island Preserve (from Anacortes)

During this fun adventure, you’ll explore the little “Hidden Jem” of the San Juan Islands, 217-acre Vendovi Island, now a nature preserve owned and protected by the San Juan Preservation Trust. It is located between Lummi, Cypress, and Guemes Islands and is accessed by private chartered boat from Anacortes. Our naturalist Stephanie will guide you thru the island’s forest, beaches, grassy meadows, and lookouts on its very well-maintained trail system (total 3 mi, 200 ft elevation gain) teaching about the island’s history, forest and beach habitats. Meet Elaina and TJ, the island caretakers and learn why they love living there. Enjoy a picnic lunch with stunning vistas of the San Juan Islands, the Salish Sea, Mount Baker, and the North Cascades. Prior to departure, Stephanie (also a boat captain) will teach you boat terminology.

Time: 9:30 AM -2:30 PM Thursday-Monday. (about 3 hours on the island)

Cost: $97 per girl scout/$117 per adult. (Includes taxes & fees)

Reservations: Online deposit required to secure spots and balance due on the day of the cruise.

Group size: 4 min – 12 max (invite other girl scouts, friends & family!)

Departs from Skyline Marina, Anacortes

What to bring: lunch, water, comfortable walking/tennis shoes, and weather-appropriate clothing

Donations encouraged: $2-5 p/p for SJPT accepted at Vendovi Island donation box

For more information visit the Skagit Guide Adventures website here or contact  Stephanie Fernandez at

Geology Programs with Rock Solid Science

Rock Solid Science offers fun, hands-on geology programs for kids of all ages. We are a great resource for Girl Scout leaders and source for STEM activities and workshops. We offer unique experiences that help her learn new science concepts and tie her badges to journeys. Custom made Geology badges are also available upon request. For more information visit

Brownie Badges available: Painting, Outdoor Art Creator, Outdoor Adventurer, Bugs and Hiker

Junior Badges available: Outdoor Art Explorer, Animal Habitats, Drawing 

Cadettes Badges available: Trees, Outdoor Art Apprentice

To schedule a program contact Amy Bergin or call 206-715-2556

High Trek Adventures: Everett

High Trek Adventures is an aerial adventure park with a high ropes course, and 3 ziplines that circumvent the park. Choose your adventure by walking over aerial bridges, crossing tight-rope walks, swinging through floating foot loops, and traversing giant spiders' webs. It truly is a playground for kids and adults... in the air!

See flyer for details.

Horseback Riding Badge Workshop: Snohomish

Experience the perfect way to learn about horses! Groom, lead, and ride a horse in our indoor arena, then get a cowgirl hat filled with goodies. Plus, you’ll earn the new Girl Scout Horseback Riding badge! Giddy up, cowgirls! 

Schedule by 1 week prior: (425) 418-8484 

Girls: $35/Adults: Free

Imagine! An Earn-a-Patch Day at the Museum: Everett

Girls in grades K-5 can learn and have fun together while earning a special museum patch! Your visit will include allday admission to the museum, plus a one-hour educator-lead activity. Exclusive patches are available for $1 at the time of registration.

Schedule by 1 week prior:

Girls: $9/Adults: $6

Launching Success Custom Art and Science Workshops: Bellingham

Launching Success is your resource for craft and science activities! Troop Leaders can work with Launching Success staff to create a custom workshop that meets the specific needs of their troop. Contact Jen to design your custom workshop! 

LEGO Robotics Workshops with Bricks and Beyond: Bellingham

Using LEGO Bricks students will learn to build and program working LEGO models! Learn the basics of robotics and fulfill requirements for Daisy-Cadette Robotics badges. Workshops offered at Launching Success in Bellingham or a location provided by you. Contact Kimberly Gustavson at or visit Bricks and Beyond for more information.

Menchie's Store Tour and Leadership Program

Join us at the Marysville Menchies for "Introduction to Menchie's: Culture and Why We Started Our Business." 

During the tour you will: 
-See the front and back of the store
-Receive education on Menchie's leadership model
-Participate in games and activities
-Enjoy a cup of frozen yogurt
-Take photos with Menchie
-Earn your Menchies Leadership Patch 

This event costs $20 per girl. Tours available for all ages on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoon/evening. Please contact Sarah to register.   

Mountain Programs with the American Alpine Institute: Bellingham

The American Alpine Institute has extensive experience putting together unique mountain programs for facilitated groups. These programs may include backpacking, rock climbing, bouldering, ice climbing, Leave No Trace, backcountry skiing, or avalanche awareness. AAI has developed several custom programs that meet the needs of Girl Scout troops. Check out our programs for youth and register online for your own mountain adventure! 

PAWS Workshop

Girls in grades K-8 can learn more about domestic and wild animals at PAWS badge workshops! Each program is designed to meet requirements for a specific badge, and all include a tour of PAWS’ facilities. There’s a rotating monthly schedule of Girl Scout programs for individual girls or small groups of girls and adults.

Contact or 425-787-2500 x257 to schedule!

Girls: $8/Adults: Free

Saddle Club

Three hours of horse fun at Stanwood Equestrian Center! Riding, grooming, ground work, anatomy and saddling! All equipment provided, all ages welcome. Please wear sturdy close-toed shoes.

To sign up, email or call 360-672-5440.

$45 girls and adults.

Teen Dating Violence Prevention Workshop

Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County will come to your troop meeting to talk with girls about the sensitive topic of teen dating violence. These workshops will cover the following objectives:

  1. Describe characteristics of healthy relationship. 
  2. Identify warning signs of potentially abusive/violent relationship. 
  3. Identify types of abuse and how they are manifested. 
  4. Understand that abuse is never acceptable. 
  5. Describe the role of family and friends in helping someone who is in a violent relationship. 
  6. Identify resources for individuals involved in an abusive/violent relationship.

For more information or to schedule this workshop, contact
Madeline Brockert at

For Girls/Adults: Free

The Stamp and Coin Place Patch Workshops

Join us for a FREE fun and interactive numismatic workshop at The Stamp and Coin Place headquarters! At the workshop the girls will learn about identifying coins, tour our warehouse (including a look at the only coin sorting machine in the world!), and learn about how they can become a collector. Daisies can earn their Money Counts leaf and older girls will earn a unique patch created just for this program! Email Brenna for more information.

Visit Cascadia Art Museum

The museum offers self-guided or docent led tours to view artworks by NW Masters with shows that change four times a year. There is free parking at the museum, located near the Edmonds waterfront and cafes, offering a perfect place for lunch and a beach walk.

Register by 2 weeks prior: Operations@

Girls: $2.50/Adults: Free

Whale Watching with Puget Sound Express: Edmonds

Enjoy a half-day whale watching tour on Puget Sound! Enjoy the experience of a lifetime with the area's only half-day, guaranteed whale watching tour. See orcas, humpback whales, and all the majestic wildlife in the San Juan Island. Open to all ages of Girl Scouts. $85 per girl, $135 per adult. Discounts for groups 10+ / Private charters for groups 40-130 (discounted). Contact Ann Peavey directly for more information: (206) 276-9229,


South and Peninsula Region

Buckaroos in Olympia

Girls in grades K-3 can join us for dedicated horse time with the Camp St. Albans horse at Blue Mountain Boarding. Enjoy staff-led arena riding, grooming, and time with our fourlegged friends! 

Please contact Natasha Deluca for available times

Girls: $35/Adults: Free

Canoe Our Waters: Camp St. Albans

A six-level, progressive experience that teaches canoe paddling technique, water safety, and culminates in an overnight canoe camping trip. Most levels and open practice can be specifically scheduled for your troop of girls in grades 4-12.

Schedule by 3 weeks prior:

Girls & Adults: $19-52.50

Experience Wolf Haven

Wolf Haven International offers a variety of educational opportunities for Girl Scouts of all ages. Enjoy a troop sanctuary visit and add to the experience by earning a badge and a Wolf Haven patch. Wolf Haven staff can even visit your troop meeting. For more information, scheduling, and pricing please email us at and request our Girl Scout brouchure. 

Badges and Awards available: 

Daisy - Rosie Petal

Brownie - Senses Badge 

Junior - Animal Habitats Badge and Bronze Award 

Cadette - Finding Common Ground Badge and Silver Award

Senior - Voice for Animals Badge and Gold Award

Ambassador - Gold Award

Service projects are available for all levels. 

Horse Fun in Olympia

Come meet the St. Albans horses at Blue Mountain Boarding in Olympia! You'll have a one hour ground lesson learning about horse care, grooming, anatomy, and safety. Then, you’ll enjoy an hour-long arena lesson. Helmets and boots are provided! This event is for participants 4th grade and older.

Schedule by 3 weeks prior:

$40 Girls/Adults - Ratio adults are free

Life on a Horse Ranch

Learn about Life on a Horse Ranch. You'll experience everything it takes to own a horse including breeds, safety, handling, leading, grooming, saddling, riding, and even the not-so-fun parts like cleaning a stall. Helmets are provided. Learn in our fully enclosed indoor covered arena. Earn your Horsemanship patch and certificate.

To schedule a session or for more information visit their website at or call 253- 843-2455

Outdoor Art Badge Workshop

Work with a professional artist to complete the Brownie Outdoor Art Creator Badge, Junior Outdoor Art Explorer, Cadette Outdoor Art Apprentice, Senior Outdoor Art Expert, or Ambassador Outdoor Art Master.  

Minimum 5 Girl Scouts per session. Workshops are $25 per girl, per session. 

Contact Joann O'Meara at with questions, or to schedule a session!

Tacoma Nature Center Badge Workshops

The Tacoma Nature Center is the ideal place for enjoying and learning about nature and the environment. We offer individual troop programs and council-wide badge workshops.

Brownie badges:
Letterboxer (also available to schedule at a park near you)

Junior badges:
Animal Habitats
Geocacher (also available to schedule at a park near you)

Call the Nature Center at (253) 591-6439 to book a troop program. Find more information on their website at


We also offer schedule-your-own volunteer workshops.

Q uestions? Let us know!