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Power Up Bully Prevention Program

It’s time to stand up to bullying!

The Power Up program aims to encourage the 85% of people who are bystanders to bullying (rather than targets or bullies) to recognize the strength in those numbers and use it to intervene when they see something wrong!

Power Up is an all-girl program that focuses on preventing the verbal and relational bullying that’s so common among girls in grades 4-12. Power Up dives into experiential learning and defender training to teach bullying prevention. We want to teach girls how to think, not what to think. 

With Power Up, girls can:

  1. Know bullying when they see it
  2. Explore ways to prevent bullying in their communities
  3. Be prepared to effectively intervene when they see bullying happen

Check out our online calendar to find upcoming Power Up programs in your area.


Help Prevent Bullying: Become a Power Up Volunteer

Power Up is a volunteer-led program—the more volunteers we have, the more girls we can reach! If you're interested in becoming a Power Up volunteer email us for more information.