Global Action Team
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Global Action Team

As part of the Global Action Team, Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can become advocates for important issues that impact girls across the world. The program focuses on three main themes:


Taking Action: In this program, girls create a Global Take Action Project that has an impact in the community and inspires others to act—creating change for the better. 


Global Awareness: Girl Scouts develop cultural awareness through the project by collaborating on a project that has a global reach.


Leadership: The team leads the annual Global Action Summit—a weekend retreat for Cadette Girl Scouts. Next year's retreat will be June 5-7, 2020, at Camp Robbinswold. During this exciting event, team members teach younger girls about action through advocacy, making global connections, and how to follow through on large projects that impact their community.

The 2019-2020 team is focused on DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION. Team members will gain an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion and reflect on how they can put equity and inclusion into practice and celebrate the diversity in local communities and beyond. The culminating project is the Global Action Summit, which will be June 5-7, 2020 at Camp Robbinswold. At the Summit the Global Action Team teaches Cadette Girl Scouts about their topic as well as what it means to act through advocacy. Registration for the Summit will be open in early 2020.


Global Action Team Cost & Timeline

The $350 program cost is all-inclusive and covers meals and program supplies; technology equipment, team t-shirt, Journey book, badges and awards, and Global Action Summit supplies. Financial assistance is available.

The Global Action Team typically follows the following timeline:

  • September: Application Deadline and applicant notification
  • November: Orientation Meeting
  • December: Retreat One
  • January: Retreat Two
  • February: Represent the Team at Our Annual Meeting
  • March: Retreat Three
  • May: Retreat Four and Summit Volunteer Orientation
  • June: Global Action Summit

Global Action Team Application

The application process for the 2019-2020 team is now closed. Applications for the 2020-2021 team will be open in the summer of 2020.