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Film Festival

Join the First-Ever Girl Scouts of Western Washington Film Festival!

This fall, tell your epic tales in a short film and submit it for our first-ever film festival. New and current Girl Scouts who submit a film will even get their membership fees covered for the upcoming Girl Scout year! Then, tune in on November 6-7 for our live virtual film festival celebrating all ages of filmmakers in Girl Scouts of Western Washington! Awards will be given to the winners of our ten film categories!

Want to take your film to the next level AND have priority when submitting it to the film festival? Get inspired in one of our filmmaking programs! We will only accept 300 films total, so don’t hesitate–participate!

Girl Scouts who have yet to renew their membership may have their fees covered when they submit a film. However, we cannot reimburse fees for members who have already renewed. See submission guidelines for more details.


Have questions about the Film Festival? Feel free to contact Kristina Petersen.


Saturday, November 6: Daisy-Junior (K-5 grade) Film Showing
Sunday, November 7: Cadette-Ambassador (6-12 grade) Film Showing

Join us in celebrating our first-ever generation of film festival participants! Purchase tickets for the Film Festival and you’ll receive a kit in the mail to enhance your film festival experience. You can expect popcorn, festival “passes,” and an exclusive Film Festival patch! Individual and troop kits are available.

Cost (includes ticket to film festival)

  • $5 Film Festival Viewing Party–Individual Kit 
  • $10 Film Festival Viewing Party–Troop Kit (12 participants)

Tickets on sale now until October 25.



Priority Entry (Optional): Register and participate in a Girl Scouts of Western Washington digital storytelling program.

  1. Create your film on your own or with your troop.
  2. Submit your video here. Be sure to follow the submission guidelines and to submit by the deadline for your grade level below.

Submission Deadlines

  • October 17: Daisy, Brownie, and Junior (K-5 grade) Films Due
  • October 24: Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador (6-12 grade) Films Due

Priority Entry: Digital Storytelling Programs

Want a guaranteed spot in the film festival? Sign up for one of our upcoming digital storytelling programs or complete one of our Digital Storytelling patch programs on your own! Participants will be given a guaranteed spot in the film festival. Past participation in a Digital Storytelling patch program also guarantees your spot.

You do not need to submit a video from the program you attend. The film you submit should still fit the video requirements.


Upcoming Digital Storytelling Programs

At all in-person programming, please continue to follow our current COVID-19 safety guidelines and regulations. See our current guidelines.

Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Programs
Daisy, Brownie, and Junior In-Person Programs
Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Virtual Programs

Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Programs
Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador In-Person Programs
Date Program Grade Location
10/2 C/S/A 3-D Animation
6-12 Seattle
10/2 C/S/A Advanced Stop Motion Animation 6-12 Seattle
10/9 C/S/A 3-D Animation   6-12 Everett
10/9 C/S/A Advanced Stop Motion Animation 6-12
10/9 C/S/A Green Screen Digital Storytelling 6-12
10/16 C/S/A 3-D Animation 6-12
10/16 C/S/A Advanced Stop Motion Animation 6-12
Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Virtual Programs

Self-Led Patch Programs
Grade 2-12 Patch Programs
Date Program Grade Location
Ongoing Digital Storytelling Patch Program: Stop Motion Animation 2-12 Online/self-led
Ongoing Digital Storytelling Patch Program: Claymation 4-12 Online/self-led

Guaranteed spots will be available on a first come first serve basis until our maximum of 300 film spots is reached (150 films per Girl Scout grade group: Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors [K-5 grade] and Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors [6-12 grade]). Film submissions should follow to the Girl Scout Law, and adhere to all film submission guidelines.


Award Categories & Prizes

When you submit your film, please select one award category that you’d most like your film to be considered for. After the film festival, each category will be judged by one of our event sponsors, and the winning films will be announced! There will be two winners per category, with one winner from each of our Girl Scout grade groups: Daisies-Juniors (K-5 grade) and Cadettes-Ambassadors (6-12 grade).

  • BIPOC Power
  • Amplifying Oppressed Voices
  • Inspired by STEAM
  • Life Hacks & Skills
  • Entrepreneur Excellence
  • Outdoor Appreciation
  • College & Career Exploration
  • Take Action!
  • Artful Animation
  • Girl Scout Spirit

Award winners will receive a Film Festival trophy and their films will be presented on the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) Channel*, available virtually across the US!

*Some SIFF content may not be suitable for all Girl Scout audiences. GSWW is not responsible for the content presented on SIFF's streaming channel.


Submission Guidelines

You must follow all submission guidelines to be qualified to enter the film festival. Films and submissions that do not meet the requirements will not be considered for the film festival.

Video Requirements
  • All videos should be 3 minutes or less.
  • File size should be 25 MB or less.
  • Use royalty-free music.
  • Please upload either MP4 or MOV files.
  • Clearly name your file:
      • Example:
  • Each Girl Scout may submit only one film, either individually or as a group. 
    • For example, if a Girl Scout troop wants to create and submit a film together, none of the participating troop members may submit individual films.
  • Follow Girl Scout Promise and Law.
  • Follow our current member safety guidelines and regulations.
  • Avoid using brand names or logos in your film.
Who Can Enter
  • Grades K-12.
  • Current and new members of Girl Scouts of Western Washington.
  • Films may be submitted by individuals, groups, or troops.
  • Participants in one of Girl Scouts of Western Washington’s digital storytelling programs will be given priority entry in the film festival. You do not need to submit a video from the program you attend. The film you submit should still fit the video requirements.


Digital Storytelling Funders

  • PartnerLogos
  • PartnerLogos
  • PartnerLogos

Programs Partners

  • PartnerLogos_EngageThruTech
  • PartnerLogos_PiranhaLabs
  • PartnerLogos_DigiPen
How do I get my free membership?
  • You must submit a film to the film festival using the guidelines listed above.
  • You must be located in western Washington.
  • If you are a current member of Girl Scouts, and you have not purchased your 2022 membership, we will cover your renewal membership fee.
  • If you have already purchased your 2022 membership, you can still submit a film to the film festival, but your membership will not be reimbursed.
  • If you are new to Girl Scouts, after you submit your film, a staff member will reach out to you after the submission deadline for your age group and help you get registered with your free membership! You do not need to register for Girl Scouts before submitting your film or signing up for a digital storytelling program to receive priority entry.
How do I get started on my film?
How do I submit my video?

Please submit your video with this digital form.

How do I save my video?

You can export and save your video with any of these apps or with your preferred software.

How do I edit my video?

Use these free apps (available for most smartphones or computers) or your preferred editing software.

  • Apple iMovie (iOS)
  • GoPro Splice (iOS)
How do I get my video from my camera/phone/etc. to my computer?

We suggest using one of the following tools to upload your video. Please follow their instructions to prepare your video file.

How do I know if my film was selected for the film festival?

An email will be sent out to all entrants one week after your age group’s submission deadline.

How do I know if I won an award?
  • An email will be sent out to all participants one week after the film festival.
  • Winners will be announced on social media the week following the film festival.