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What is a Makerspace?

A Makerspace is a space to make!

It’s a dedicated space with materials and tools to work on planned projects, or just come and explore, and meet and share with other makers.

Makerspaces provide hands-on learning, help with critical thinking and 21st-century career skills, and they help the boost the self-confidence and courage of makers!

Why Does Girl Scouts Have a Makerspace?

While the focus of our Makerspace is to encourage girls in STEM, any self-directed creativity is core to our mission to build girls with Courage, Confidence, and Character who will make the world a better place. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is at the root of the tools and activities available in our Makerspace, and we respect and encourage all makers, whether they are making an innovative computer code, a prototype robot, or a beautiful piece of decorative art.

Girl Scouts encourages Girl-led activities, and the Makerspace is no different. Makers are empowered to come up with their own project ideas, determine the materials they need and keep trying until they have the result they want.

Individuals and troops are welcome to use the Makerspace Open Time. The Makerspace can be used for personal projects or for Girl Scout projects like donation/service projects, SWAPS, and badge activities.

What activities are available?
What does "Open Time" mean? What should I expect?

Open Time is intended as self-directed un-facilitated* time. Just register, then come with a plan and/or materials, or just explore what we have in the space.

We ask that registrants show up on time (about 5 minutes before your session start time) as entry to the building is secure and you'll need to be let in. There will be a brief introduction to the space, then everyone is free to explore and create as they please during their session.

*There will be two trained adult facilitators on hand to help get things set up, explain what we have or where things are, and do a bit of a walk through if needed on the various machines or tools in the space. Depending on numbers and needs of each session, facilitators may not be available to work one-on-one.

Adult chaperones may work directly with their youth or observe.

Why just one Saturday a month?

We hope to expand the offerings of open time and facilitated workshops. Staff time is limited so we'll be relying on volunteers to help expand our program and provide more options. Scroll down to learn how to volunteer.

Why just the Seattle Office?

Currently we only have a physical Makerspace in our Georgetown Seattle office. Beginning in Fall 2018 we will be offering "Pop-Up" Makerspaces in all regions of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington Council. We hope to expand even further eventually, either with permanent Makerspaces or traveling options. We're excited about the future!

Can I volunteer?

Sign up on our Makerspace Volunteer interest list. We need volunteers to help run open time and help with facilitated workshops. The more volunteers we get, the more programming we can offer. Older Girl Scouts (16+) can also volunteer. Makerspace volunteers get free access to materials and tools!

Can I bring in my own materials/tools?

Yes – absolutely! If you have any questions about what we have or what you should/can bring, feel free to email

See what we have available in the Makerspace.

Can individuals register for Makerspace, or just troops?

Yes, any individual Girl Scout youth member can register for Makerspace time!

Can I sign up for more than one 2 hour block?

Absolutely! Some projects may take more than one session. If you have a long project, or you would simply like more time to make and experiment, feel free to sign up for more than one two-hour block. 

Can troops register and use the space/materials?

Yes! That's one of the main intents of the space. Troops can use the space for troop projects, badge activities, community service projects, and more! There may be other individuals or troops in the space as well, but you're free to work on your own projects or collaborate!

Go to our activities page to find Girl Scout projects and Badge & Patch activities by level. 

Do I need to show up with an idea or project in mind?

We have tons of project and activity ideas on hand. Or, you can let your mind wander and find creative uses of the materials available!

Can I request use of the space for my troop or service unit?

We are working on developing a fee-based system for allowing groups of Girl Scouts to come and use specific equipment (such as the laser cutter) for specific self-planned projects. That will be developed over Summer 2018.

Can I bring a non-Girl Scout child along?

The Makerspace is intended to be exclusively for Girl Scouts.

Our space is limited and materials and staff/volunteer time and attention is dedicated to them and providing a Girl Scout-centered space. We will offer a few "Friends & Family" sessions where siblings or friends can attend during the year.

If a non-Girl Scout youth tags along to the Makerspace, they will not be allowed to participate. Infants are welcome to observe, though noises, fumes, and potential risks of a workshop environment are present.

If a child-care issue pops up, please try and notify the STEM Program Manager at in advance.  

Can Adults use the Makerspace?

Chaperoning adults are welcome to make minor use of the Makerspace along with their youth. But the tools and supplies are intended for Girl Scouts. Staff attention will also be dedicated first to the youth. 

Adults should not be using Open Time to prepare for later troop activities or larger scale projects.

We will be offering occasional Adult Info Nights for troop leaders or other adult volunteers who are interested in learning about the space, equipment, etc.



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