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Is your girl ready to change the world for the better?
STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, but STEM thinking is about exploring the ways in which the world and everything in it works. This type of learning can be applied to any subject and is at the root of most innovation. Our STEM programming is geared towards sparking the natural curiosity and creative intelligence that girls already have, so they can apply STEM thinking towards whatever future they may choose.


Eighty-one percent of all high school girls are interested in pursuing STEM careers, but only 13% say it’s their first choice, with about half of all girls believing that STEM isn't a typical career path for girls. We believe that exposing girls to STEM and women professionals in STEM careers through Girl Scouts can help change that perception, along with the career opportunities high school girls see available to them.

Most technology and STEM fields have also recognized that for their company to be successful, they need to expand their pool to include more diverse talent. That’s why more companies are actively seeking to hire women to bring new and innovative ideas into STEM fields!

And that’s why we are investing in new programming that gives girls the chance to discover their interests in STEM and do hands-on activities that develop their skills. Girl Scouts are the scientists and engineers of tomorrow!


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Robotics Program

Our council is excited to support the next generation of robotics enthusiasts! Form a robotics team and watch your girls take on challenges as they identify underlying problems, use research to develop innovative solutions, practice critical thinking and creativity. 


Science Workshops
Science Workshops

Girl Scouts are natural scientists! And whether your girl is into rockets, slime, robots, or fossils, we’ve got a science workshop that’s perfect for her. Watch her push boundaries, test limits, and enthusiastically embrace the scientific method in a new setting. 



Have you seen our new Makerspace? Located in the Seattle office, the Makerspace is filled with tons of equipment and tools for your girl to take on new challenges and create something! This collaborative space is helping inspire a new generation of innovators, scientists, and leaders. Come see our 3D printers, laser cutter, and more!


For Volunteers


STEM Badge Collage

New Badges

In July of 2018, Girl Scouts launched a brand new series of STEM Journeys and badges! Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors have new badges in cybersecurity, mechanical engineering, space science, and environmental stewardship. Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors have two new Journeys: Think Like an Engineer and Think Like a Programmer, plus badges in environmental stewardship and robotics. For more information, visit the Award and Badge Explorer. Volunteers can also access this new programming on the Volunteer Toolkit

More STEM Programming

Take a look at even more science, technology, engineering, and math programming available in our council on our events page!