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You want FREE Lemon-Ups cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches, don’t you? All that and more will be available at the parade! Click here to see the latest updates and to RSVP!

Lemon Parade Route

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a parade?

The Girl Scouts haven’t released a new lemon cookie since 2012, so this is a pretty big deal, and supporting our cookie bosses in learning skills that will help them in their future is even bigger! So we figured we would do something epic to celebrate those things.

Why is this happening in the middle of the day?

Thank you for asking! We're so sorry that not everyone who wants to come to the Lemon Parade will be able to go. Every year, GSWW works hard to get the media interested in promoting Girl Scouts and their cookie sales, in order to increase customer awareness and get info about the sale on TV, radio and social media. The Lemon Parade is truly geared toward those media channels. The parade is scheduled during the week and earlier in the day only because that is when media reporters are most available, and when they are most likely to report out on more community-focused stories. We are hoping excitement around the parade will increase our Girl Scouts' visibility and sales!

How can I participate in the parade as a Girl Scout?

As a Girl Scout, you can engage with our Lemon Parade in three crucial ways. 

  1. A small number of mobile wagon booth sale spots will be available for sign up on eBudde, starting on Friday, February 7 at 6:30 AM. Be sure to let your product manager know if you are interested in signing up for the eBudde booth lottery system. 
  2. You can also be in the parade as a Girl Scout representative! While you may not sell during the event, you will get to parade in downtown Seattle with our fantastic parade partners and represent Girl Scouts. We have a limited number of spots for girls and troops to participate in the parade, and we're taking sign-ups on a first come, first-served basis so these two opportunities will go fast! Please email to sign up!
  3. We’d love to see you in the crowd! Please come and celebrate our new Lemon-Ups Cookie with us. The more people we have in the crowd, the better!
How can I participate in the parade if I’m not a Girl Scout?

Thank you for asking! We would love your help. Please email for information on how to volunteer, participate, or help with our parade.

What if the weather is bad?

Rain or shine, we hope to see you at the parade! Bring your yellow umbrella (if you have one!), or any fun color rain jacket or poncho to add a bright note to the festivities.

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