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Camp Towhee

Camp Towhee is a primitive camp site. Roughly 100 acres in size, the site is a former homestead and dairy located in Peaceful Valley near the Canadian border. 

A small pond is in the center of the property surrounded by open pasture. Many migratory birds can be seen depending on the time of year and an eagle is known to perch on the tall tree by the pond. In the spring be prepared for a chorus of frogs. Although there are no defined trails, there are a few game trails, and a logging road encircles the perimeter of the property and is great for hikes. The entire property is fenced.  

About Camp Towhee

Thing to Do
  • Tent Camping:  Tent camping takes place in the campground which can accommodate up to 30 (girls and adults). Six tents can be set up on the five tent sites (four smaller and one larger site). The larger site can accommodate 2 smaller or one larger tent. 
  • Picnic facilities: Four picnic tables and two fire rings are in the center of the campground between the tent sites. The fire rings have cooking grates, and the entire area is graveled.  
  • Hiking: A circle trail will take you around the perimeter of the property with multiple small game trails and even a fairy village to discover and explore. 
  • Fire Circle: A large fire circle is located adjacent to the flagpoles with wooden benches surrounding the west side of the fire circle, offers seating for more than 30 individuals with plenty of room for folding chairs on the other sides of the fire circle.
Camp Programming

Glacier Meadow Community Camp  

Glacier Meadow Community Camp at Camp Towhee is a volunteer-led week-long camp experience for girls going into 4th through 12th grade. The units at camp are made of up of gazebos, tents, and warm staff. The camp shares an outdoor kitchen with great cooks who fix our meals. We bring in port-o-potties for our bathroom needs. Camp has everything we need for a great week.  Check out the community camp website to learn more.

Camp Support

Our greatest support needs are financial support and volunteer support.

Financial Support 

Towhee’s operational property budget for the 2021-2022 membership year is $15,909. Funding for this is not guaranteed. For those who are able, we invite you to help support Camp Towhee by helping fund the costs of maintaining this camp property. 

Volunteer Support  

Information about our volunteer needs and our camp volunteer interest form is available on our website on the Ways to Volunteer with a Camp page. 

Community & Engagement

Join our Camp Network or follow the Friends of Towhee on Facebook.

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