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Staff Directory

Chief Executive Officer

Megan FerlandCEO1(800) 541-9852

Accounting and Finance

Elaine MorseChief Financial and Administrative Officer1(800) 541-9852
Samantha FranklinVice President of Finance and Administration1(800) 541-9852
Kristina HillSenior Grants and Finance Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Diana FordAccounts Receivable Accounting Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Amanda ReesSenior Financial Analyst1(800) 541-9852
Laurie ReesAccounting Analyst1(800) 541-9852
Sarah CoutureSenior Financial Assistance Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Keyarri WilliamsFinancial Assistant Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Rodella CooleyPayment Processing Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Megan McGrathBanking Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Tania AleagaBanking Coordinator1(800) 541-9852

Camp Programs and Properties

Liz BlackmanVP of Camp Programs and Properties1(800) 541-9852
Jennifer DicksonStewardship Director of Camp River Ranch1(800) 541-9852
Jessica CarterDirector of Camp St. Albans and Camp Lyle McLeod1(800) 541-9852
Frances BoyensVolunteer Led Camping Director 1(800) 541-9852
Haley PeelDirector of Camp Robbinswold1(800) 541-9852
Kim BrunskillDirector of Camp River Ranch1(800) 541-9852
Natasha Deluca Equine Program Director 1(800) 541-9852
Mary GilsonAssistant Camp Director River Ranch1(800) 541-9852
Jesse JacobsonSite Manager of Camp Robbinswold1(800) 541-9852
Art WightmanProperty Director of Camp St. Albans and Camp Lyle McLeod 1(800) 541-9852
Jason MaiuriSite Manager of Camp St. Albans1(800) 541-9852
Lita KnolesSite Host Camp River Ranch 1(800) 541-9852
Larry ParkerCamp Klahanee Ranger1(800) 541-9852
Ralph TachellRanger1(800) 541-9852
Roy CallahanMaintainence Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Richard PhippsMaintenance Specialist 1(800) 541-9852
Keith ScottMaintenance Specialist1 (800) 541-9852
Michael ThompsonMaintanance Specialist1(800) 541-9852
David ScottMaintenance Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Hilarie AyersCamp Reservation Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Jon JohnsonOffice Facilities Manager1(800) 541-9852


Alecia CunninghamDirector, Corporate and Community Partnerships1(800) 541-9852
Patrice EdwardsDirector of Foundation Relations1(800) 541-9852
Tana GraedelMajor Gifts Officer1(800) 541-9852
Laura HallAnnual Funds and Analytics Manger1(800) 541-9852

Human Resources

Doug KimuraVice President of Human Resources1(800) 541-9852
Angela JohnsonHuman Resources Generalist 1(800) 541-9852
Cheryl CliftonPayroll Accountant1(800) 541-9852
Jaynne LuHR Coordinator1(800) 541-9852

IT Management

LeeAnn StiversChief Information Officer1(800) 541-9852
Nichole FrankoDirector of Information Technology1(800) 541-9852
Kari BaumannDatabase Administrator1(800) 541-9852
Elizabeth SouleTraining and Database Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Frances GreetTraining and Systems Analyst1(800) 541-9852
Philip DoolittleIT Collaboration Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Vivyan LamDatabase Coordinator1(800) 541-9852

Diversity and Learning

Jaime HollisAssociate VP of Diversity and Learning1(800) 541-9852
Heather CuttingSenior Learning Manager1(800) 541-9852
Chantey AndrewsDiversity, Education and Training Manager1(800) 541-9852
Liza VegaLearning Manager1(800) 541-9852
Lory RuizLearning Manager1(800) 541-9852
Nora de SandovalLearning Manager, Outdoor Learning and Certification1(800) 541-9852
Sarah MartinezOnline Learning Manager1(800) 541-9852
Laurie AlbrechtLearning Coordinator1(800) 541-9852


Kate DabeVice President of Marketing and Strategy1(800) 541-9852
Lorey FordDirector of Research and Evaluation1(800) 541-9852
Stefanie EllisDirector of Marketing & Communications1(800) 541-9852
Jaycie WakefieldMembership Marketing Manager1(800) 541-9852
Amber Evans PinelMember Communications Manager1(800) 541-9852
Vannessa Blea Graphic Designer1(800) 514-9852
Allison MusolinoMarketing Coordinator1(800) 514-9852

Member Support

Robin ThompsonDirector of Member Support Services1(800) 541-9852
Toi Fields-FinleyCustomer Care Manager1(800) 541-9852
Margaret MooreRegistration Manager1(800) 541-9852
Denisse PerroneCustomer Care Lead1(800) 541-9852
Rachel CrosbyCustomer Care Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Katee HertterCustomer Care Specialist1(800) 541-9852
JaNae Mattie Customer Care Specialist 1(800) 541-9852
Romlah YousosCustomer Care Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Samantha CaronMember Support Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Kristina PurizagaMembership Registration Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Shelly BournCamp Registration Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Yvette GarciaProgram/Learning Specialist 1(800) 541-9852


Nanette McCannKing County Regional Director1(800) 541- 9852
Judi SladkyNorth Regional Director1(800) 541-9852
Kim McKoyPeninsula Regional Director1(800) 541-9852
Veronica RollinsSouth Regional Director1(800) 541-9852
Sherrie BurdickMembership Supervisor1(800) 541-9852
Jennifer Reck-AllenRegional Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Melissa CurtisTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Jannica SeawardTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Amber AckersonTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Katie JohnstonTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Michelle DickTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Kari MurphyTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Rae DavenportTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Addie RocchioTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Therese Del FierroTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Sarah VolponeTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Caroline McLaughlinTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Madalyne LindgrenTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Brittany ByrdTroop Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Patricia AgardCommunity Engagement Manager-Membership1(800) 541-9852
Amber ArianoCommunity Engagement Manager-Membership1(800) 541-9852
Sara SiscoCommunity Engagement Manager-Membership1(800) 541-9852
Sarely GonzalezCommunity Engagement Manager-Membership1(800) 541-9852
Claire Robinson Community Engagement Manager-Membership1(800) 541-9852
Rhiannon HasenauerCommunity Engagement Manager-Membership1(800) 541-9852
Miguel FranciscoCommunity Engagement Manager - Membership1(800) 541-9852
Sondra CooperCommunity Engagement Manager-Membership1(800) 541-9852
Liz BrownCommunity Engagement Manager-Diversity, Equity, Inclusion1(800) 541-9852
Annette CrespoCommunity Engagement Manager of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion1(800) 541-9852
Ebony SmithCommunity Engagement Manager-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 1(800) 541-9852
Mary McBrideCommunity Engagement Manager - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion1(800) 541-9852
Shelli LeonPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Sue SeabaughPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Michelle TieskiePlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Kathy LeffertsPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Rosie LeePlacement Specialist 1(800) 541-9852
Elaine RamseyPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Gabrielle Poggioli Placement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Michelle TalbottPlacement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Karla AyalaCommunity Engagement Specialist 1(800) 541-9852
Lynda Williams Community Engagement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Susie Barr-WilsonCommunity Engagement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Sheyla VillatoroCommunity Engagement Specialist1(800) 541-9852
Tammy FederspielNorth Regional Office Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Jane KamadaKing County Regional Office Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Deborah MoranPeninsula Regional Office Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Cesar Delira-RuizSouth Regional Office Coordinator 1(800) 541-9852
Erin CoffeyLead Placement Specialist1(800) 541-9852

Product Program

Christa AbstenProduct Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Laurel ArnauProduct Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Mecca StevensonVP of Product Program1(800) 541-9852
Racquel WardlowProduct Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Linda LuuProduct Program Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Alec DeMeyerDuplication and Mail Specialist1(800) 541-9852

Project Management

Brian MathiesonPMO Director1(800) 541-9852
Wendel ParkerProject Manager1(800) 541-9852
Tara ErvinBusiness Analyst1(800) 541-9852
Elyse HammerlyBusiness Analyst1(800) 541-9852


Terri GlabersonChief Program Officer1(800) 541-9852
Julie Wendell Program Director1(800) 541-9852
Anna UpdegraffSTEM Program Manager1(800) 541- 9852
Kristina EnglishNorth Regional Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Helen AllenSouth Regional Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
LaTasha DurstStaff-Led Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Joy WilcoxStaff-Led Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Amanda AldousHighest Awards Program Manager1(800) 541-9852
Cheryl Martin GSBB Supervisor 1(800) 541-9852
Tina KubackiProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Erika BehrendsProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Joy CorneliusProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Nicole ThebergeProgram Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Sarafina Kariuki Program Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Marisa Caughlan Program Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Emily TantayanurakProgram Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Cindy Nguyen Program Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Chloe WightmanScience Workshop Facilitator1(800) 541-9852
Casey HughesFamily Support Coordinator1(800) 541-9852

Support Services

Shannon PittonExecutive Assistant and Office Manager1(800) 541-9852
Doreen WatkinsMail Services Coordinator1(800) 541-9852
Carol CharnellSeattle Receptionist1(800) 541-9852

Retail Operations

Sandi WhitmoreDirector of Retail Operations1(800) 541-9852
Amy Bailey Lead Retail Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Mick McNultyLead Retail Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Matt Blachowicz JonesRetail Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Angela EmertonRetail Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Julie StrootRetail Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Miriam Josephs Retail Assistant1(800) 541-9852
Cheryl HaluskaLead Retail Assistant1(800) 541-9852