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Honorees of Cookies and Cocktails Gala

In celebration of 100 years of the largest girl-led business in the world, we're honoring 100 local women business owners who serve as inspiring role models to our next generation of leaders by the work they do steering the ship of their own businesses!

These women are listed below, and will be recognized at Cookies & Cocktails for their awesome leadership contributions to our community! 


Alayne Sulkin ParentMap
Amber Osborne Meshfire
Angela Shen Savor Seattle Tours
Anna Wallace Seattle Seltzer
Arry Yu Giftstarter
Becca Stordahl Robert Leonard Salon
Blair Stocker Wise Craft Handmade
Brea Wilkies Bespoke
Cathy Gately The Narrative Company
Chris Spahn Birthday Dreams
Cindy Reynolds Mermaid Hair Extensions
Colleen Wilkie Shug's Soda Foundtain
Cynthia Tee Ada Developers Academy
Debra Music Theo Chocolate
Destiny Bennett Queenly Bake Shop
Diane Najm PhotoPad
Domenica Lovaglia Metropolist Group
Donna Moodie Marjorie Restaurant
Esther Hong Seattle Muses
Gay Gilmore Optimism Brewery
Heather Earnhardt The Wandering Goose
Heather McClung Schooner Exact Brewing
Holly Robinson Captive Spirits
Holly Smith Cafe Juanita
Irina Menn Hopela
Jamie Peha Peha Promotions
Jamie Von Stratton Fashion Designer
Jane Park Julep
Jean Thompson Seattle Chocolates
Jennifer Shea Trophy Cupcakes
Joan Harkins French Cider
Jody Ericson Dorow Fearless Voices
Jody Hall Cupcake Royale
Kathryn Anderson Marigold & Mint
Kathy Casey Kathy Casey
Kelly Affleck Tomato-Tomato
Kim Peterson Uniquely Savvy
Kristen Hamilton Koru
Kristi Brown-Wokoma The Brown Girl Cooks!
Lara Dalch Lara Dalch
Lauren Wilson Sweet Lo's Ice Cream
Leah Richmond Coterie Work Lounge
Linda Derschang The Derschang Group
Lisa Dupar Lisa Dupar & Company
Linda Lowry Cin'atra
Liz Barnes Massage Therapy
Luly Yang Luly Yang
Maria Coassin Gelatiamo
Maria Hines Tilth Restaurant
Marlo Miyashiro The Handmade Showroom
Megan Waggstaff Lady Yum
Melody Biringer The Crave Company
Mina Yoo Lulabop
Monica Dimas Milkwood & Company
Myisha Lamar Celebrity Chef Maya
Nancy Leson Food Writer
Patricia Raskin Anne Sylvain Fashion
Rachel Marshall Rachel's Ginger Beer
Rachel Vala Class Act Tutu
Rachel Yang Relay Restaurant Group
Raquel Emeka Water Artistry
Renee Erickson Sea Creatures
Robin Wehl Martin Hello Robin Cookies
Sally Brock Fancy
Sally Oien Sally O Designs
Sandrine Espie Seattle Muses
Sasha Muir Butter London
Shannon Avery Birthday Dreams
Sharelle Klaus DRY Sparkling
Sheri Wetherell Foodista
Stacy Lil Delille Wines
Su-Zette Sparks Coterie Work Lounge
Tamara Murphy Terra Plata
Tami Brockway Joyce Seattle Distilling Company
Tracy Klinkroth ChickChat
Visal Sam Visette Boutique